Dana DiabeCare R insulin pump

We are currently trialling this pump and I was wondering if anyone is actually using it. I need help with a couple of things. "Duration of Insulin Action" and the priming feature..


I did get a basic manual and I can’t find anything within the manual or on the pump about setting Insulin Action. The rep assures me that it is there ‘somewhere’ and that I can set the time I want for DIA as well as the rate of ‘usage’.
I am in New Zealand and I am trialling the pump to write a review…
I will try the Sooil Q&A website feature.

The duration of insulin action should be how long the insulin lasts in your body. I use Humalog and mine is set to 4 hours, but this varies some by person and by type of insulin, but I guess 4 hours wouldn’t be a bad place to start.

You should definitely get more support about operating the pump though, even if it’s just a trial! You can’t really try it unless they help you!

I couldn’t find the manual online, but here is a manual for the earlier version of the pump (click here). Many things might be the same.

I have tried downloading the Dana Manager Program but it won’t open and I think it was in Korean anyway!
Everything that I enter on the Dana pump, I am also entering on our Cozmo so I have the visual visual back-up on that to refer too.
Its because I know that I need DIA that I would be worried for someone new to pumping that it could be set wrongly for them.
Otherwise there are some features that I really like (and some that seem a little strange).

“I did get a basic manual and I can’t find anything within the manual or on the pump about setting Insulin Action. The rep assures me that it is there ‘somewhere’ and that I can set the time I want for DIA as well as the rate of ‘usage’.”

I think that alone should be an indicator for immediate rejection of the pump. If the manual doesn’t fully cover the pump’s features and, even worse, the rep doesn’t even know how to do it . . .
I just got off the phone with a satellite dish rep who didn’t know how to work my receiver, but that’s for watching television not managing my health!

The Duration of Insulin would not be found in the manual. It depends on the insulin you use. My insulin is 2 - 3 hours. A Dr. or pharmacist should be able to tell you, or maybe the fine print in the insulin box.
As for the priming feature, if that isn’t explained in the manual, I would be weary of trying out the pump. Wouldn’t want to mess with my insulin!
Good luck!

Thanks for your replies!
I know our DIA, I just don’t know how to set it in this particular pump.
The Prime is only available once every 12 hrs which seems to me to be a bit strange. I could always do a bolus to prime out air bubbles, but I think that setting needs to be changed…

We are using the pump so we can give feedback as to how we think it can be improved. So far the BG’s are pretty much on target (as good as we ever get) and I am writing down all the weird and wonderful features we find.

It depends on the insulin and the body, but the pump doesn’t know what insulin you use or how your body reacts to it so it has a feature where you can set the time based on what you know. Apparently nobody at that company knows how to do it though.

Finally a reply from the rep and I have found all the info I wanted. This pump allows me to set the DIA and also the rate of insulin use per hour . We have used it for a month or so now and the more I use it the more I like it - I’d rather have our Cozmo but not an option. Its a good cheap basic pump and now that I have found all the ‘’ hidden" settings(Under Dr Mode in the Virtual pump) it makes a lot more sense. :slight_smile:

Hi there, if you need a clearer user manual I can email you a copy of the one we use in the UK. I’ve been using the Dana R for several months now and work as an Insulin pump trainer. I reviewed the user manual earlier this year to remove some of the Korean language and translation errors…as well as some of the strange things they had in it! We made some recommendations to Sooil about putting in options for variable Insulin to Carb ratios and Correction factors for different time periods and much to my amazement they made changes to the software for us! Does your Dana R have this yet? It will be in the user options section in the menu titled CIR/CF if it’s not ask your rep about it. If you want to email me direct it’s les.norton@advancedtherapeuticsuk.com
We have now started distributing it in the UK and it’s looking promising. I agree it’s not a Cozmo, I had 2 and loved them both, but it does have some nice features. Good luck with the trial!

Hi Prisoner,

do you have your Dana R review ready?
I would live to read it :slight_smile:
I’m going to move from MDI to pump Therapy and DanaR is one and the only option here in Bulgaria for closed loop.

Thanks in advance,

You may not realize it, but the comment you responded to is almost 10 years old. S/he may not be monitoring this website.

Here’s a Diabetes UK post reviewing the Dana R pump.

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