Dancing through life

Someone smart once told me “Life is not waiting for the storm to pass, it’s learning to dance in the rain,” And since getting diagnosed with Type 1 the day after our Birthday Ball, that is how I intend on living life. A month after my little hospital visit, my son was born, good news. Life is a bit crazy right now. I have to go a couple hours down the road to the hospital a couple times a month just to get looked at and all my meds. Not to bad, if you’re trying to get out of work. Since Nov 11, I have worked a total of 10 whole days. Really? Why? Apparently my Docs don’t think I am capable of doing simple tasks. I am not allowed to do any “strenuous physical activity,” which I was not entirely sure of what they meant, so I asked. “Anything that makes you sweat” was the answer I got. I live in AZ, the hottest part of, and just walking to my truck is enough to make me sweat. I “can’t” lift anything over 20 lbs (Doc’s orders…) I am tired of being told I can’t. I can. I can do whatever it is that I want to do. However, I stay within the boundries given me, as I am trying to get found fit for duty, so I can get back to doing what I love, leading Marines. Until then I guess that I will just lead them by setting a good example and getting through this little test of whatever this is. On the bright side, I am not afraid of needles, (attempt at humor in a very aggrivating situation) and I will Keep on Keepin on. I have an appointment in a couple days, and I am looking forward to Doc telling me that I can begin at least working out… I’ll try to remember to let yall know what happens then. have fun be safe and enjoy your new year!

Keep dancing…in the rain. YES!