Dang LOWS!

I can only eat so much! Today starting at 10 am I had a blood sugar 71 I was about to go into town which is about 35 min. away so I wanted to eat something just in case. I had a small Gatorade and a 4 pack of PB crackers. When I got to town I checked again… 63!!! So I went an got a real meal (well Wataburger) 75 carbs including a small coke. 30 minutes I was still a 63! So I waited another 30 minutes 68! So i did the honey trick and i dropped to 51! So I stopped my pump for 45 minutes while still checking my bg every 15 minutes. At 1:45 I was still in the 50’s. So i did a mini dose of glucagon I went up only to 69! So I did the rest of the glucagon and came home. It is now 1:36 am and I am finally 139!

Does anyone else have stubborn blood sugars?!

wow. that is impressive. Are you taking any long-acting insulin? You don’t always know how much of it is active at any given time. Your sensitivity to insulin changes from day to day, too, depending on hormones, stress, exercise, and like a million other things.

I usually have long, hard struggles with lows during exercise. I switched to the pump, and now I just take the darn thing off when I exercise. It also tells you how much “insulin on board” you have, which is the amount of insulin active in your body at that moment.

Were you taking insulin for that food you were eating? It’s possible you overdosed then too.

Blood sugar is SO stubborn. I’m convinced my blood sugar is out to get me sometimes.

I’ve woken up in the middle of the night in the mid-20s and had to eat over 300 carbs to get my sugar back up to 150… hasn’t happened since I started pumping, but it was crazy. I had to crawl downstairs into the kitchen, and proceeded to discover no rice (my usual upper) no bread, no juice, no fresh fruit, and only a couple pieces of hard candy… I wound up eating 6 cans of peaches and a couple spoonfulls of jam.

Safe to say, I was BEYOND stuffed when I finally waddled back upstairs to my bedroom, and the nausea was horrendous…

remember that stopping your pump for 45 min won’t really have a big effect on your sufgar for at least half an hour! The lag in your body’s metabolism of the insulin means a stubborn low wont go up instantly…
what do you mean a “mini dose” of glucagon? how does that work?
(I was always told that if you are coherant enough to think that you need glucagon, you are coherant enough to eat…)

What pump do you use?

I definately have experienced stubborn lows. a few weeks ago I had 3 in the 40s at work . I had to have d50 pushed IV in ER. and still dropped into the 60s by the time i made it accross our small town to my dr office. and again when i got home.

During the first month of insulin treatment I ended up dropping to 8, I felt fine while at work then nearly passed out while going down a flight of steps. It was really scary and caused me to run my sugars a bit high while working.

Thats exactly what has been happening for me. I tend to drop well below the 20’s in my sleep in the middle of the night. My lantus runs find durring the day but at night it drops TERRIBLY. So now before I goto bed I end up keeping it on the higher side and wake up high every morning. it’s horribvle because I wake up feeling like I’m going to puke sometimes when it’s 300.

Usually when you go low at night and wake up high your taking too much long acting, had a lot of those cases when i was first diagnosed. Then you just have to increase short acting at meals. The lowest iv ever been was 34(felt like i was on some heavy drugs) which was right after i took my lantas and had to eat like 100 carbs to raise my bs levels. I think its just one of those crazy things that happen time to time like your pancreas starts working for a moment.

my fiancee has stubborn highs not lows he can take a crap ton of short acting and it wont want to go done then again hes had a bs of as high as 825 and as low as 9 ( no sugar with him he realized he was in trouble and got off the bus and called 911 and told them his bs was 9 they rushed to him but he was conchs at really low and really high both it surprises me how spastic his can be even eating normal and healthy his bounces up and down like crazy( or like our 2 year old on sugar lol).