Dangerous Doctors?


I just joined tudiabetes. I am a T2 mom with a newly diagnosed T1 9yo daughter. I have been following Bernstein with amazing success for myself before my dd's dx. So obviously, I went right to the insulin section of Dr. B's book and read it about 5 times through. On the way to the hospital, I told my daughter that I would always tell her the truth about what I know about Diabetes, and to take what everyone says with a grain of salt. Well, after they got her stabilized they put her on the hospital "diabetic diet"...aka no fat, little meat, and VERY HIGH carbs...sometime 90/meal. Needless to say I tried my best not to FREAK when they jacked her up on 10 units for one meal (she weighs 60 lbs!). And then predictably had to watch the crashing lows.....30-40!

We took her home and put her on the Dr. B. diet and walla.....great numbers and a happy, smiling, cheeseburger-eating (sans bun!) 9yo girl.
Yes, I am one of those DIY folks who is not afraid of figuring out stuff on my own (with Dr. Bernstein and others' materials). Also, my father is an Ophthalmologist and read Bernstein after dd's dx, and so I do have an MD relative for immediate advice. He encouraged me to follow Bernstein's regimen. DD is now on 3 daily units of Levemir and we have just switched her from Humulog for most of her meals to Regular with great success. She is even-stephen and feeling great.

We rejected our endo right off the bat for a number of reasons. The biggest was that the guy and is staff are extremely unfriendly and do not listen. There is the ADA way or the highway! (And he said that to us verbatim!) Well I guess he was shocked when we took the highway to find other providers and build our OWN team for our daughter.

We live in a rural state that only has ONE pediatric Endo. for DT1

We now have a GREAT team consisting of a family practice MD, an amazing Naturopath specializing in Diabetes, and a private Nutritionist who has DT1 herself. They are all in agreement with Bernstein!

Ok, here is the kicker......the Endo sent us a letter certified mail saying that he is REPORTING US TO DHHS FOR MEDICAL NEGLECT!

Hello? Has ANYONE heard of such a thing??

Any words of support would be appreciated.

That is truly unbelievable! Of course, there's no case since your daughter is under medical supervision & doing well. The arrogance & audacity is mind blowing. I'd get an attorney to fire one back at him citing freedom of medical choice & harassment, & consider reporting his actions to the state medical board. So sorry for the aggravation. I'm flaberghasted.

I have never heard of anything like that. Other docs, other than endos, are perfectly capable of treating T1 diabetes. When dealing with uncooperative hospitals (ie they want to put diabetics on sugar IV's) Dr. B recommends threatening a lawsuit. I don't know if this would be a wise path to take with this doc or not. I would definitely speak to the team you have put together and have them contact DHHS and get this stopped ASAP. Maybe then you could sue the awful doc.

This is mind boggling. Your daughter is better off than when she was with the endo and you have the numbers to prove it. The endo's behavior is so far off the scale I can't find appropriate adjectives. He should be struck off AND prosecuted. This is maltreatment bordering on criminal.

OK, those are harsh words. But he is guilty of harsh behavior. The oath says "do no harm." Do you think his behavior meets that standard???

That endo is an idiot....he is simply covering his tail, for fright that you will report HIM!! I, yes, would definitely report him. Yet another example of the God complex! Your daughter is NOT neglected....and is overseen BY a fine team. Allowing someone with diabetes to ingest 90 grams of carbs....only to then have to inject 10 units just to bring it down is nothing short of incompetence! If she is crashing, it's obvious to just about anyone that she is being given too much insulin! It's frightening that he is still practicing!!! Please keep us posted.

This is the end result of a nanny state.

I'm so sorry you have to put up with this kind of harassment from somebody who should know better.

Sadly this type of reaction to low carb is not an isolated case. Here's a link to a story about a Swedish Dr. who was threatened with loss of her license to practice for recommending low carb to treat diabetes and obesity. Luckily calmer heads prevailed and the Swedish government eventually gave it's official approval to low carb.

Recently the state of North Carolina tried to shut down a blogger for advocating a paleo type diet on the grounds that he needed a license to dispense dietary advice. They also claimed his private emails and telephone calls with friends and readers were illegal.

I hope this is quickly resolved, you have enough on your hands without having to deal with this.

Thanks everyone for the support. We will get through this....it is very surreal. We do have advice from a local lawyer...they think he is just trying to cya....but the threat of DHHS is just too much! Doctors thinking they are God!

Thank the Lord, I just took her to a fantastic PCP who is VERY interested in Bernstein, and thinks she is doing great......

Sure is surreal. Too bad doctors aren't CYA about providing the very best care to patients.

You're very fortunate to have a PCP, naturopath with a specialty in diabetes & T1 nutritionist all on-board about Dr. B's approach. That's nothing short of a miracle!

A good friend who's a CDE & registered dietitian has a colleague who was threatened with her license being revoked for writing an article that butter is healthier than margarine. All supporting data & research was included in her article. Truly frightening the extremes authority will go to to squelch info to maintain their paradigm. This woman was harassed without mercy over margarine. If it wasn't so scary, it would be laughable.

A police state....do you remember the book "1984" and Big Brother?
By the by....I too agree that butter is better for you, and as with everything....in moderation.

I think you should report him to the medical licensing authority in your state for what Dr. Bernstein calls "barbaric practices" in Appendix B of Diabetes Solution.

Good. Make it public; take the idiot out!

There are QUITE A FEW "idiots" out there!!!

I have had Dr. Bernstein's book on my shelf for too long now. I too Homeschool my children.
My 10 year old daughter was diagnosed 4 years ago with Type I. It's time I read this book, which was given to me by by T2 friend.
I am sorry you are having trouble up north with the Ped. Endo. What nerve. He has no right to do what he is doing.
Since you Homeschool, I thought maybe you should look in to HSLDA (Homeschool Legal Defense Association). We have been members for 3 years now. You do have to join, but since you may have some problems HSLDA would be a great go between for you. (www.hslda.org) They are pushing for a parental rights ammendment also. Take a look at their website. You need to get informed.
Keep us posted on your progress.
AND WELCOME to TU diabetes. I don't get on here as much as I used to because I get so busy with Homeschooling, however I love this forum. It has been such a blessing to us.

You definitely need to read the book. It's solid gold, no matter what type of diabetes you are dealing with. It's all empirically based -- not "this is how I believe it works," but rather, "this is what I have measured; what actually happens in the real world." As he says in the preface, " . . . unlike the ADA guidelines, ours work."

Thanks David,
I'll read it, I promise!


Thanks for your response! Please do read Bernstein's book -- I do believe he is saving lives! As a matter of fact, we just got dd's bloodwork back....after four months on Bernstein's program, her A1C is 5.4! Also, her lipid panel was outstanding....! Obviously we are on the right path!
Thanks for recommending HSLDA....as soon as I got the letter from the Endo I joined THAT DAY! We have an attorney there in the loop and being copied on our communications with the Endo office. Tomorrow we are off to see our REAL doctor, our Naturopath who is an amazing expert on diabetes, much to the annoyance of the MD! LOL
God Bless! P.S.


You said a couple of things that compel me to jump up and join the chorus.

(1) Of course there are exceptions to everything, but Naturopaths often are more enlightened about diabetes than doctors are. It was my Naturopath who made me take Bernstein's book down off the shelf where it had been gathering dust and read it!

(2) If you eat a correct diet (i.e., Bernstein's), a lot of other things just naturally fall into place. You mentioned lipids -- for years my lipids hovered just above or just below the danger mark. Now that I eat the way Bernstein says to, I have the lipids of an Olympic athlete. So your daughter's results are absolutely consistent.

Here's a guarantee: if you really read and learn what Bernstein says, you will understand this disease better than the majority of doctors. Not necessarily the nitty-gritty biochemistry that would interest a researcher, but for certain the practical real-world behavior and treatment issues.

Wow, thanks for that! I am pasting this response onto my desktop.....:)

A request, if it's not too burdensome:

This has been a pretty lively discussion and a number of people have participated. Could you let us know how this turns out, if and when there is a resolution?

Again, I realize you have a lot on your plate, so don't hesitate to say "no" if it's too much. But I'm interested in the outcome, and I suspect that everyone else who chimed in is, too.