Dangers of acetylsalicylic acid to diabetics

I found out the hard way that acetylsalicylic acid inhibits the intestines from absorbing glucose. There should be a warning on every bottle. I shattered my pelvis a few years ago and was tired of codeine keeping me down. Instead one day, before going to eat out with a friend I took 4 extra strength Aspirins. We went for supper and ate a large bowl of chili and a bun, which is double what I normally eat. I shoot pork insulin at 8am and I am committed to eat super no matter what. 30 minutes later I was hallucinating and my friend had to lead me out of a store and then drove me home. After eating many glucose tabs and drinking lots of juice and eating a bunch more I measured my glucose at 1.5, almost an hour after beginning to eat.

All you people out there, be aware that aspirin can inhibit absorption in the gut.


May have been because you took four extra strength aspirin. Diabetics are frequently told to take one baby aspirin daily to help prevent heart attacks. This hasn’t been proven helpful for people who’ve never had a heart attack, but that’s the usual recommendation. Of course, baby aspirin is a low dose.

Ibuprofen & acetaminophen are bad for our kidneys used long term & the effect is cumulative. Gee, what’s left to take?

I’m not so sure that I would have to blame the aspirin.

With meals that mix lots of proteins with carbs the absorption of carbs can sometimes be surprisingly delayed. Sometimes I use this to my advantage, but other times it sneaks up on me and surprises me, when I have a hypo right after eating what I thought was a really big meal… just that the carbs in the meal were mixed with a lot of proteins.

Wow! I was told to take a regular aspirin everyday in 2005. I’ve had a previous heart attack and have been Diabetic for 35 years. None of my Dr.s have said anything and I’ve had 2 cardio’s and 3 endo’s.

Lots of diabetics take an aspirin daily with no problems. The usual dose is baby aspirin, but clearly it’s not causing any problems for you.

I agree I wouldn’t blame the aspirin you should look for other causes. I’ve taken regular strength aspirin all of my 51 years with Diabetes. I now take 1 full strength aspirin a day and have had no problems like you’ve described. Chili isn’t a high carb dish because it has a lot of fibre from the beans…that’s one thing you should consider when counting carbs.

I'm a biochemist so I have some, although limited insight on this. Any significant ingested acid tends to slow stomach emptying. Exactly what is inhibited though I don't know. The stomach is already very acidic. But this is the reason that some people drink vinegar with a meal. Four extra-strength aspirin is definitely majorly acidic, so I DO think that you delayed the emptying of your stomach and this caused the low. That's a hefty dose of aspirin.