Dante's Inferno

My teenage son has expressed a STRONG interest in the book “Dante’s Inferno”. Borrowed sentiments from it many times, both here and elsewhere, often a good diabetic metaphor/analogy for sure IMV. Unclear precisely why he’s interested… but if its READING (sic not electronics) “I’m in”

My question, I need to find a version/translation which a 16yo boy might like. Anybody in membership know of a version that stands out as being understandable or more “readable”?

We’re limited to English versions… (: ( Anybody know of a copy they can recommend !?!?


I can’t say I’ve read it but I always like annotated editions of translated literature. I like reading the footnoes to Ulysses or the Walter Kaufmann Nietzsche translations a lot. I prefer it a lot if the footnotes are on the bottom of the page, rather than in the rear of the book.

Best bet would be to let him pick one out. If you want to make it a gift then just stop buy the bookstore and buy a copy. Encourage him to read anything from comic books to Dostoyevsky, to many youth do not read

Hello acidrock23:

Good point… thank you for suggesting it!

i’ve dug a little deeper, but gotten no smarter on the topic… yet. (: z