Darlin photography

Thought I’d start my own “folder” (so to speak) of my photography, since it’s tied with reading as my main addiction, lol. I’m always carrying around my camera and looking for good shots, although I am really addicted to taking photos of friends and family - especially my little girl, Paislee, who is seven. I welcome your comments, including critiques. =)

Melissa (aka txhoneydarlin)

This is my hubby, Shawn, and our daughter, Paislee, at London Hall. This picture was taken the night of one of Shawn's family reunions - we were at The Hall listening to his dad's band play.

Your family pictures are lovely on your “my page”. It’s funny, just yesterday took some video of my son trying out Xbox drum set (guitar hero) similar to the girl you had a picture of with drums. Those Pics are going to be priceless for them when they get older and look back on them. My Mom has been emailing me old pics of myself from when I was a child (Im 32 now). Time goes by so quick, so shoot away!

This is Shawn's cousin, Mike, playing the guitar that night. My FIL's band is composed of mostly family members, lol.

This is my FIL, Tommy. He plays bass guitar and does lead vocals; the name of his band is Blend.

My FIL with Paislee and her cousin Kylie. Tommy is a wonderful Papaw! He is a type 2 diabetic, so we share our diet drinks and monitor each others' diets at reunions, rofl.

Ya gotta say "awwww" to this. Meet Ziggy, my great aunt's pup.

Pais and her 26-year-old AQHA gelding, Copper

Pais kissing Mom bye-bye after Easter lunch and hunting eggs.

I had plans to scan in a bunch of old pics, but the scanner broke, so until we get a new one, all I have are the pics I’ve taken the past few years. Last year, Santa was fantastic and brought me a 55x300 scope for my Canon Rebel XT digital SLR; I haven’t had much chance to use it - but I can’t wait until Thanksgiving to try it out on the deer I always get to photograph on that day. I’m fixing to start “stalking” the ones that live near me with my camera - I did some this past winter, but I want fawn photos.

You know, my mom pretty much quit taking pictures of us when I turned 12 or 13. I want Paislee and my stepdaughter, Kelsi, to always have photos to help them remember their childhoods. =)

Thanks for your sweet words about my photos - I’ll have to come take a look at your photos soon. Have a blessed day Mikey!

This is my "bestest" pup, Oscar. He's a shorkie (Shih Tzu/Yorkie cross), and this was his first snow.

One of my first attempts at taking landscape photos. It rarely snows where I live, so photo opportunities like this are rare.

Paislee has been in PiPs for two years now and is looking forward to school starting so that she can start PiPs again, lol.

This was Paislee's birthday cake this year. It was made out of cupcakes - notice the "poop" behind three of the horses! rofl

This has to be the cutest mini I've ever seen - I'm 5'5", and he only hit me right above the knees! <3

I like this one.

awwww of course it’s an awwwww picture!!

another sweet shot! I think i need insulin for that one!