Darn headache!

Been having a bad headache for the past week now. Feels like my head is going to burst open from time to time. Been home from work since monday early afternoon. Daylight and lamps seems to trigger even worse headache, I feel less pain when sitting in a room with curtains down. Using computer or not, watching TV or not doesn’t make a difference.
Don’t know what my levels are like today, ran out of strips yesterday but do know my levels were little highish yesterday. Meter average says 136 for the past week :stuck_out_tongue:

Any history of migraine Jennie? The symptoms (photophobia) seems similar. I suggest you see a doctor. Just to see what is causing it. Perhaps doctor can prescribe a good paracetamol.
I wish you well. Take care.

I’ve had migraine for the past 10 years, but this headache isn’t like my migraine headache- migraine for me is like being stabbed or shot on the right side of my forehead just above the eyebrow. Now the headache is more like a preassure in the forehead and from time to time i feel nauseaus. Paracetamol has no effect on me whatsoever, no use for me to even have it at home :S I take Sumatriptan for migraine, but it barely works because it’s too slow to take as pills. I’ve asked my doctor about the sumatriptan injections but haven’t gotten it prescribed yet… But for me to take pills for a migraine is something like it would be for a type 1 diabetic to take Levemir or Lantus to correct a high :S
I don’t know what’s causing my headache now :frowning: