Darn me anyway

I went to the doctor the other day and no good news about my diabetes, my mircoalbumin is 50 and my A1c id 10.3 i was getting it down and the stress killed everything i had done and my lack of excrise, Darn it anyway I do not want to end up in the hospital.

Just start fresh tomorrow! Baby steps, you can do it. Good luck and it will be okay, don’t beat yourself up…this is a hard disease to manage and takes practice. :slight_smile:

Like Robyn says:
Today is a new day. Forget the guilt, forget the past. Pick yourself up and keep pushing, for you and for your loved ones.

You can do it.

Sandra, here are the winning tips from a contest we had called “Simple Steps” - I think there are some great ideas here. btw, my microalbumin is 70 and a1c is 6.4.

Just want to send you big warm hugs, it’s sooo fristrating, but keep doing the best you can.
Love lou x

Using all the resources that are available can help also. My resources have been my CDE, books and magazines, websites such as this one and communicating with others online.

I spent over half my life with A1c’s over 10. I’m not recommending it by ANY means, but I do think you can’t get so negative toward yourself or your numbers. The hospital, complications, death, etc - these are not inevitable futures for any of us. Like Marie/Manny/everyone said, pick a few simple steps to change, shake off the guilt, and make today better than yesterday.

My first step toward improvement was vowing to know my blood sugar every time I put my food in my mouth. That helped a LOT. Seeing the numbers more made me make different choices. It helped me remember to take my medication as prescribed. It just helped make me more conscious of where I was and how I was feeling. Now my A1c is in the 5s.