Data Download Time

How long does it take to download the data from a T-Slim either to their software or Diasend? I currently have an Animas Ping & it seems to take forever.

Hi Annabella! I have only downloaded my t-Slim a few times, iI do believe it is much faster than the Ping system. I like the T-Slim software and the reports are good. I am about to download again (I shouldmake it a regular thing and probably will since it is faster and smoother than the Ping and Diasend process). I am planning on downloading right before my apt at Kaiser - don't know if they are equipped to download from the T-SLim. I would have them download my pump rather than meters because I use several different meters throughout the day, and have one in my "go bag" for when I have to leave at a moments notice. And I never did like the Ping meter - too bulky and not bright enough. That is easier than trying to remember to grab things from throughout the house.

It only takes a few seconds to download. If it's been a long time since you downloaded, it might take a minute or two, but I once went almost two months without downloading and it only took about forty seconds.

I upload usually once a week to BOTH the T;Connect and Diasend sites. It takes me less than a minute for BOTH. The time it takes is more dependent on your internet connection speed. I have 15 mps down and 5 mps up and of course I never realize those speeds.

My endo like some reports from each of the sites. SHe can login to each of them and look at my reports and go over them with me to recommend changes in my dosages. SHe also likes one of the Diasend reports for my file to cover her for my 10x per day testing, site changes every two days and insulin usage on the Rx's she writes. Medoicare checks with her to see if she has those records to support the Rx's before they will ship my quarterly supplies or renew my local strip and insulin Rx's. I try to make her life as easy as I can with the bureaucracy and she appreciates it!

The PING does take forever. I think it is the way that dongle device Dexcom uploads quickly to Diasend and the One Touch Ping Meter goes fast too.

I am definitely getting the TSlim as my next pump.

Susan, I think the key is the hardware - a USB cord gets the connection right away. Sometimes the dongle would lose the connection and I had to start over.