Dave_? Where are you?

Sure-T evangelist and prolific poster Dave_ is missing on TuDiabetes…all his posts are gone and I find it very disturbing how he vanished just like that! What happened to Dave_?

where did he go?

I could be wrong but I think he was asked to leave again. I’m just guessing since no one has explained his disappearance.

honestly have no idea who it is

i found some new daves for you
was going to look for yours… but the task seems long

Good Heavens! His name is probably not in that stack anymore. Dave_ was the Sure-T Guy.

Yeah, I’ve been wondering the same thing. He was a very “strong” spoken person, but if you gave him the chance and took his words for what they were worth, he really had a lot to say.

I haven’t seen him for a few weeks at least!

what’s sure-t? or should not care?


They’re the infusion sets for the MiniMed pump. They didn’t cause as much bleeding or bruising like the Silhouette infusion sets. Dave_ was a very huge supporter of the Sure-Ts (this is kind of a running joke because if someone ever said, “I’m having trouble on MDI” he’d say: “Get a pump. And get Sure Ts” Almost ALWAYS)

I miss Dave. He had a way of saying things that made me laugh all day long.

Domo! I’m pretty sure you talked to him.
He was really loud-spoken in that he would say exactly as he felt without sensoring himself. He and his wife were both T1 and both had the pump. His profile pic was of him on a floater in a pool with sunglasses on? He had black/gray hair? About 50 years old? (I hope I’m not insulting him if he’s actually 30-ish. haha)

Dave_ opened my eyes to Sure-T infusion sets from Minimed. Neither the reps nor the doc mentioned that option to me - they pushed the costlier Silhouette infusion sets on me. And the Sils were not good for my skin - they left bullet-holes in my abdomen and pretty soon my belly area was filled with scars from the Sils and I didn’t know how long I could use that area. Then I read about Sure-Ts from one of Dave_'s posts. I called up Minimed and ordered 1 box to see if those are better and that’s probably the best thing I’ve done since going on the insulin pump.

Sure-T infusion sets are made of 29-guage 6mm and 8mm steel needles. Even though one might think that these steel needles would be less comfortable than the cannulas of the Quicksets or Sils, nothing could be more untrue. Sure-Ts glide into your skin without any need for using an inserter - just push the needle in like you did when you used a pen or syringe…it’s only easier with the Sure-T. You won’t even feel the steel needle, no matter how active you are or how much you twist and turn your body. It is very comfortable and because of the additional anchoring of the tube (order a Sure-T or see a picture online and you’ll understand), attaching and detaching your pump is very easy and doesn’t disturb the insertion site at all, unlike Quicksets and Sils. And if, for some reason, you don’t like the insertion place, just remove it and re-insert the same thing in a different place. And Sure-Ts are cheaper than the Quicksets and Sils.

If you use MM insulin pumps, try the Sure-T infusion sets. You will thank me later. I would say, thank Dave_ instead.

For anyone wondering, just wanted to let you know Dave is no longer a member of the community.

Thanks for sharing the valuable information about the Sure-T, John!