Dawn effect

I was reading over some posts where people were posting their basal rates. I’m hoping to get a tslim soon and let the pump alter my basal rates. I have an old mm pump now.

I have a strong dawn effect and I think I just realized how much.
My basal is : midnight 0.75u
3:30 am 1.25u
7:00 am 1.0 u
Noon. 1.25u
5:00 pm. 1.0. u
So my dawn effect requires me to double my insulin rate when there is no way I am eating anything.

I don’t see many others changing their rates that much if at all. I sometimes even wake up because the increased sugar and increased insulin often wakes me up around 4.
I don’t have much choice though. Either I let my sugar go over 200 or I wake up from the surge of energy.
I am sort of used to it now. If I drink the night before like twoshotsof whiskey I tend to miss the dawn effect completely, but that is hardly a plausible Solution on a daily basis.
And when I do have a drink I need to remember to alter my basal rate to avoid lows.
Im really hoping my new pump can solve this crap

A CGM really helps to see the trends. I don’t know anything really about the Tslim but I have an Omnipod and when my DP was at it’s worse I used 3 times my normal insulin for a couple of hours to combat it. Literally I had my pump giving over 2.4 or more units for a couple of hours in a row starting at about 5 am.

I still have mild DP , it can be aggravating because sometimes it likes to surge for a few weeks and then goes away again. That is actually more aggravating sometimes than when it was at least consistently high. I have 7 settings right now, with one possibly going away. But 6 of those 7 start before 12:00 p and all are without eating before 12 usually! I also have mild FOTF right now.

12:00a-4:30a .8
4:30a-5:30a 1.4
5:30a-7:30a 1.0
7:30a-9:30a 1.4
9:30a-11:00a 1.6
11:00a-6:00p .8
6:00p-12:00a 1.0

But plenty of people do change their basal rates here’s one of the latest blogs I think you’ll find interesting!

12-3am = 1.15
3-6am = 1.45
6-noon= 1.6
12-5pm= 0.7
5-midnight =1.10

Wow, Marie’s are almost identical to mine. But, your’s don’t seem way outta wack to me. I’ve definitely had phases of time where I had to double or triple for DP.

A couple shots of whiskey DEFINITELY eliminates the DP for me. Prior to a pump, that worked like a charm.

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