Day 1: Omnipod Style

I've officially made the switch from a medtronic pump to the omnipod. Let the adventures begin!

Oh- does this make us both on the same day?? I also started the Omnipod today and I was a MM pumper for 12 years!
My first question - where did you stick your "bubble" as I call it???? I couldn't make up my mind! lol!

And I got my dexcom last week- that thing is priceless! Well, except for the price.... :)

We're like Pod twinsies!! I started on my side/abdomen, and now have it on my arm! I also finally got the email saying my Dexcom was on its way! Yay for change!

How is it going? I stopped using Medtronic because of belly discomfort. Just about to say "YES" to the omnipod, hoping I can use my arms.
I am also looking forward to Omnipod's integration with the Dexcom, which I have and I love. Any issues, problems, concerns so far? Thanks!