Day 110

Day 110, in our shut down. Number at times are a little high. A few crackers here and there. Walking ,did 58,000 steps last week,6 days. That is good. No weight gain, no loss either. I am just missing my friends at the Y. No problem with wearing a mask when we walk. Terrified of COVID 19 with Type 2 diabetes. Lucky we have had 3 cases in my county . I hope everyone is staying well.,Nancy50


Congrats on the steps achievement!

I was advised by my heart doc to do 10,000 steps every day last summer but only in the last month have I been making a serious effort and actually hitting that goal. I have been able to get there almost every day in the past month.

Good for you, Nancy.

Everyone I know here has gained 20 lbs, so keeping weight normal is excellent!
We all all getting fat here.

I have a knee issue so when I mow or do yard work ,I do 9-10,000 steps. Other days more like 6-7,000. My Ortho says do what your knee feels.

Nancy Matulis

I could loose 20 pounds ,but I have been this weight give or take for 25 years. I just am watching my numbers to keep me healthy. Nancy50

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