Day 2 ......ANGER!

Much like the Elizabeth Kubler Ross “5 Steps of Death and Dying” today I find myself REALLY ANGRY!!
Life will move on but it is a wicked process. So, as I stated before I got the phone call at 7.10 a.m. yesterday morning that the “cut the cord” folks no longer need my services. As the HR rep went through her clearly prepared statements (as if I was getting some personal touch) I must have missed the fact that last night at midnight my health insurance was cut off! Zippo! So, I’ve paid into the health plan this month, why does it end…kaput?!

Geeze, type 1 diabetes (40 years), asthma (lifetime), epilepsy (lifetime) and the fact that I had a heart attack one year ago last Friday (9/25/08) must have slipped their minds! Oh, and I have a wife and two children who get an occasional Rx filled or better yet need to go to the doctors for sickness. Today, Knox, stayed home complaining of the oncoming sinus infection. He was correct said the good doctor. He wrote us a prescription and off we went. As we checked out I was informed the BCBS would not go through for some reason…mmmmmm…funny. No problem they will try later and let me know if there is an issue. Then the pharmacy trip. Walked in saw the man who has fill most of my Rx’s over the last 45 years and he calls me over to let me know the insurance was cut off last night at midnight.

They really mean it when they say “cut the cord” don’t they?!
$58.34 later we walk out with me stewing about the total disregard of not just me but my family.
Okay, many of you wrote kind messages and they really have been something that I have come back to read but let me ask again are there any of you that participate in the making of these types of decisions? I need to know what makes your kind tick. Do you get a giggle because someone’s child didn’t get his/her medicine paid for by your plan any more? Would you expect this for your own family or would you negotiate a plan that included some relief initially?
Please let me know. I don’t want to argue with you I really want to know what and how you process.

Yes, I will get some sort of option to go with cobra however as I stated yesterday I am lucky enough that my wife can pick it up at her work. But less than 24 hours … that means someone processed this closure in advance. By my recollection you usually inform the insurer 30 days in advance because most of the world pays this month for next month, right? There has to be an HR person out there who can respond to that.

Well, a sunny day it is here in the Northeast and ugliness still rears it’s head!
Waiting on that special FedEx package with all the great news …
I’ll be back …

Knox’s dad
(and Erica’s too)

I thought that a terminated employee had to be given time to opt for COBRA. It sounds as tho someone messed up. Yours is a perfect example of why national health care is being considered. People with insurance coverage like to say that those that don’t have it just don’t want to work. I have great coverage…always have, but I know that in this economic climate, it could go away at any moment. I doubt that there’s a conspiracy of people enjoying seeing ill people not being able to afford treatment. I suspect rather, that it is a case of people saying that “It can’t happen to me…I don’t want to pay more taxes to cover people who must have brought their lack of coverage upon themselves.” Your situation is an example of how it could be any of us at any time.
Good luck to you…I will be anxious to hear other replies…

That HR person needs to be laid off. The COBRA option is supposed to be offered right away so there’s no lapse in coverage. You seem to have a case since you paid into your insurance plan.

Have you applied for unemployment insurance?

Elaine excellent point… most people (myself included) don’t think it will happen to them. Hence, a tremenous amount of apathy from the general public.
FYI, I did in fact get the cobra option in the mail yesterday. Just seemed like the door was slammed when I went to the pharmacy. No time wasted that’s for sure! The HR folks everywhee I think have a fine balance of woking for an employer but also working for the employee a dangerous position to be in I believe. I give all HR folks a tip of the cap because the unreasonable expectation from all parties is perfection!
So, tomorrow we go on my wife’s plan. If on today we would need to pay for the whole prior month!
Therefor, no broken bones, ER trips or Rx refills today.

So, in a way the sun rises again tomorrow… health coverage wise.
As an individual with diabetes I would like to see the ADA, JDRF, AADE and AMA get in sync with lobbying on behalf of folks with diabetes. I guess all these years I took so much for granted. I have never,ever been without health insurance, not for 1 minute.
Time for me to climb on board and begin advocating on behalf of diabetes issues. For years I was very proactive and then I started to work in the industry. Your hands get tied, in a way. I am eager to see what ideas there are out there for proper diabetes coverage, not craziness but making sure what is needed is available.
I read a piece on line awhile back about a small organization that takes used insulin pumps and gets them refurbished by the manufacturer and then distributes to those in need. I am not sure if it was a local/state or regional program but how many of us could contribute to that ? Many, am sure. Last year the gave out 20 pumps. There is a program I would support!

Well a new day is here and the sun shines, the breeze flows and the cool crisp air of autumn is here.
Going out to look at the leaves changing color today.
Life is good … for most of us.
thanks all…

Knox’s dad
(and Erica’s too)

A member here, I think it was Patti Lopez, introduced me to my new life motto…“Too blessed to be stressed.” (“I’m just here for the party,” is the close 2nd.) It’s tough when things go so wrong, but I try and tell myself that it could always be worse. Just keep counting those blessings…

A big 10-4 to you Elaine!
I hear you loud and clear.
So far this week Knox and Juyeon (our exchange student from Korea) have both been sent home by the school nurse. I was here and able to take care of things pronto.
Makes me feel real good.
There will be a day 3 post this evening.
Knox’s dad
(Erica’s as well)

Unfortunately what happens in these situations is that there are a few days to a week where you don’t have coverage. It will take a few days for the cobra paperwork to get to you. Once you accept cobra you can then be reimbersed for expenses that occurred because it will be retroacted to your last day of employment. Been there and done that. It took almost 2 months for cobra to get processed and kick in and then you had topay the premium for the current as well as the previous month and cobra isn’t cheap!

Dori -

I hear you! Years ago I had to pick up Cobra and OUCH!!
Thankfully my wife’s employer will allow us to transfer over asap, once the docs stating that insurance was canceled were available. So tomorrow we go on the new plan. No need for Cobra but…
not everyone has a working spouse with good benefits, right?
You have all been very polite and your input has been very valuable.
Most importantly your support has meant a tremendous amount.
I’ll be back to blogging non work issues tonight.
I love the opportunity to interact with the world from my living room!!
be well…

Knoxs dad
(also Erica’s!)

the organization that distributes the used pumps is called ipump - it is run by our TuDiabetes member, Lahle Wolfe

Thanks Marie!