Day 2, Vegan Trial

Still on course. Had oats and banana again for brekkie. My wife and very fussy 7 year old also had some, so healthy stuff all around. For lunch had soup and rye bread again. Then for dinner had sweet chilli flavoured tofu with spinich. Was very tasty, even went back for seconds. During the day I walked up the road for a coffee. This time, instead of ordering my usual flat white or cappucino, I ordered a long black. Tempted to get a soya latte, as they did serve those. But decided to really taste the coffee - and it was a lovely chocolately flavour (it wasn’t of course chocolate, as that would’ve been against my diabetes diet). Thankfully coffee is still something I can enjoy! I have been wondering about red wines, because most of them in NZ are ‘fined’ using egg yolks – the bottles usually say “traces may remain”. I’m not sure this is worth me fussing over in the long run, but strictly speaking vegans aren’t supposed to have anything with egg. Anyway I did gulp down a few mouthfuls of red wine last night, traces of egg and all. But I couldn’t leave two nearly empty bottles go to waste. Perhaps the “may remain” were a didn’t remain in those cases. That’s what I’m telling myself. Now see, this is silly, worrying about traces of egg that may or may not remain after whatever process they do to red wines here in NZ.

Anyway, I am still on track!

thanks Debb. Does that include healthy breads, like rye?

good, because I’m eating a lot of rye bread currently!