Day 2 with the Omnipod....Almost

Today was an active day. A good day to test the durability of the pod and how well it would stick on my body. Today on the family schedule was two pool parties and surprise b-day party in between. After an hour and half at the first pool party I began to feel the tape weakening. Five minutes later I was taking off. Best case scenario I was hoping the pod would make it to the evening pool party. I am not surprised but a bit disappointed. I would be interested to see what others do in the case of water events such as this. Today I only lost the experience of wearing it some more and the saline. But if I seriously consider using the Omnipod, I now know to take some extra precautions. When putting on the pod I used IV prep and it definitely gave it some extra stickiness. Just not enough apparently.

For now I will wait til Tuesday when I can experience the Paradigm and have my first experience with a traditional pump. I can’t say that today’s experience has made me decide against the Omnipod, but has allowed me to see just how waterproof it may be. I also have to think about which is easier, ensure a pod stays on, or simply disconnect in these situations.

They stay on fine. The question is whether you prefer the pod over a traditional infusion site with plastic tubing.

I had one issue with adhesive but I think it’s because I should have used skin prep! I love using alcohol it works best for me…I don’t know I will be sitting out side in 112 degree weather anytime soon

Thanks for the comments. Gives me some confidence that with a little tweaking maybe I can have the pod stick consistently. Amy, I think if I had my preference it would prefer the pod over a traditional pump. Just thought I should at least give the traditional pump a little try with saline.