Day 2 with Victoza

Day one ended ended with numbers in the 80's 90's and 111 when I went to bed( I thougt this is great). At 3:07am I woke to 65 treated with 2 candied orange slices(24mg) and went back to bed. At 5:51am I was 66 and treated with 2 candied orange slices( 2 orange slices would normally have me at 130 in 1 hour). I had another orange slice while getting dressed for work. The tiredness is gone felt real good. Had my usual breakfast of 4oz sausage pattie and had 7 triscuits(20gm) with it trying to get fiber to delay the rise. I was 94 at 6:29am and 94 and 6:45am (tested before I drove to work). I tested when I got to work at 7:40am and I was 231 and again at 8:54am 201.

I sent a fax to my ENDO covering my last 24 hrs and advised that if I did not hear from them I would not shot Lantus tonight see how Saturday would go. I can always adjust with Novolog for high BG's.