Day 3 on victoza

March 26, 2011:
Great day! Had better entergy (good thing since I am babysitting my 5 yr old grandaughter) and great numbers, down near or below 100! Rare numbers for me before Victoza. I feel as if I no longer have Diabetes Type 2 thanks to Victoza. Too early to know about weight loss yet, but I can hope it works as well for that as for my BG levels.

Been reading more about side effects and learning that odds are very low…lower then odds of diabetes complications for my eyes, feet, heart and brain from my high glucose levels so that helps me feel better.

I’m reading some posts where Victoza didn’t work for some. I’m really sorry for them since it’s, so far, working so well for me. It does take a load off. Appetite is still lowers and I’m only having a BM (Shewy as my grandaughter calls it) every other day rather then every day. That’s new but doesn’t seem to be causing any problems. Of course, I’m still on .06. If numbers stay like this I might stay on that dose. Why take more when it’s not needed?

Well, enough for day 4…bedtime now.

Lovin Victoza on day 3!

Hi Moonchild. I have been on Victoza since it came out. I have lost over 80 pounds. Some of this Victoza but mostly diet and carb control. I have found that I have had to tinker with the dosage and have gone up to 1.2 and then back to .06 and back to 1.2. Sometimes I have sensed it is not working as good and then I up the dosage.

Be prepared for feeling nauseous and it comes out of now where. I have experienced that during the middle of the night and sometimes in the afternoon. Eat something and it will pass. Some have gotten headaches but I have not that.

During your medical checks make sure your MD is checking your thyroid levels and doing a thyroid exam. Just to be safe.

Thats my two cents…


Thanks for that Thyroid advice. I’ll be sure to bring it up with my Dr. I’m supposed to go back to see him in about 6 weeks for a followup to see how the Victoza is working. How great that it’s still working for you and you’ve been on it for awhile. That’s good to read! Congrats on your weight loss and carb control. I sure know how hard that is. I’m hoping the appetite supressant part of Victoza helps me get that area under better control too! You’re an inspiration! Thanks so much for posting and giving me your valuable 2 cents worth!