Day 3, Vegan Trial

For breakfast, you guessed it, oatmeal and bananas. For lunch went to the local mall and identified the second healthiest item I could see: tomato salad on turkish bread (first healthiest was salad on brown bread, but I wanted something a bit different). OK tbh the turkish bread probably not that healthy. But my usual food there is bacon and avacado on turkish, so today’s was a lot healthier than that. Also had a long black coffee, but wasn’t as good as earlier in the week (diff cafe).

For dinner had vegetarian patties and salad. Went a wee bit wild with the sauces, but all ‘light’ variety.

Also went to gym today, exercised one hour. Weighed 87.20 afterwards, so starting to lose a bit of weight already. But I can still get a firm grip on my tummy, so long way to go!