Day 4 on the pump

I’ve been on the OmniPod insulin pump for 4 days now and so far SOOO good! Having a foreign object attached to you at all times is hard to not notice, but this has been such a natural transition. Half of the time (actually, MOST of the time) I just forget it’s there. So far I’ve worn it in two different spots and it’s practically invisible on the second spot. No one is ever going to notice that I’m a “cyborg” (half human/half robot) as the Elmore kids called me.

On Thursday, Julie from OmniPod (shout out to Julie—thanks for reading my blog!) came to my house and walked me through the programming and set up process. She even put on and activated a pod just to show me how it worked! What a gal. My roommate was there too watching and learning along with me. Once we got everything figured out she left my house and placed the pod in my (good) hands. It’s going to need a little fine tuning, but it kept up with all the busyness that my weekend get filled with. It’s been such a breeze to adjust to; wine tasting, house painting, re-arranging the furniture, exercising, early mornings, and late night snacks have not been obstacles at all with my pump. No more letting myself have high blood sugars because I just didn’t feel like poking myself with a needle before I ate. My only fear is that I will give myself too much freedom in what I eat because it’s almost like I’m eating “free” food. I can have that extra piece of bread with dinner, or that extra piece of chocolate for dessert and not even worry about needing to give myself more insulin because I can do it at the touch of a button…literally. Talk about self-discipline! I’m such a foodie.

Like I’ve said before, treat others how to treat you by how you treat yourself. Most everyone that I’ve shown has been really excited for me about it. I think that if I’m excited about the pump others will probably be excited for me too. There’s the rare bird that I can tell is freaked out and gives me a nervous look, but if they think it’s weird, then that’s theirs to deal with. What matters is that it gives ME freedom and mobility and makes MY life with diabetes that much easier.

Congrats on the pump! I am getting a Minimed because I want easier control and correction of my blood sugars, and want to plan for pregnancy. Since my insulin needs could double when “prego” I am getting the 722. Are your blood sugars easier on you now?