Day 5 Vegan Trial

Still on track. Towards the end of the week I was feeling like I miss some things: like milk in my tea, cheese in my sandwich, peanut butter on my toast. I guess this is natural. On the meat side though, I haven’t really missed eating meats. Facon was pretty ho-hum tbh, but it’s not like I’m craving meats.

I do think that being totally strict and obsessive about being vegan isn’t going to be sustainable to me long term - e.g. worrying about egg traces in my wine, or punishing myself over using a bit of skim milk in my tea instead of soya. Those little things aren’t worth worrying about I reackon. For this 3 week trial I am being mostly obsessive about it (ok I did skip the concern about the red wine!), but long term I don’t think it’s worth me being an obsessive vegan about.

As for is it lowering my blood sugars? I have noticed that it has made them more consistent, and a bit lower overall. So that’s a good sign. I have been a bit concerned about my energy levels with this new diet, but I put that down to it being a big change and also there are colds going round my household currently.

Thanks for sharing your experiences! I applaude you! I could never go totally vegan…I do love the Boca veggie burgers though; they have a great “meat” taste…almost better than a real burger. I do have one question…what’s wrong with peanut butter in a vegan diet? I love PB and don’t think I could ever give it up LOL

Have you tried adding at least a multi vitamin to help with your energy?

Thanks :slight_smile: Yes I am taking multi vitamins too