Day 76 - Fear of Being High

I went through a year of not testing my sugar levels because of this fear and the judgment I had towards myself because of it. So here is me forgiving me in the pattern of fearing seeing the blood sugar at high levels

Anything I post about checking your blood sugars you've probably heard 1,000 times before. Perhaps the most important thing to remember is that your blood sugar readings and your a1C are not judgments of you as a person. They are just information to make adjustments. I've had people criticize my blood sugars and even what I'm eating for lunch at times. Once a paramedic looked through my logbook and said, "Your numbers are all over the place!" None of those people who make such judgments have ever walked in my shoes.

Exactly it can be quite difficult to keep blood sugar levels between 4 and 8 I know of some doctors who refuse to take on patients because their sugars are `too` sporadic and the fear of `being responsible` for them causing a potential lawsuit or something of the sort. I mean wtf, care should be given unconditionally without fear of loss of money or a job.

Paul , what am I missing ?? I have never met a Doc in Canada yet , who talks about a potential lawsuit and will not take on patients with diabetes and sporadic BG numbers ?? Report them to the Canadian Medical Association ??

When I was visiting my family doctor the last time I went to ask for a prescription for test strips, he told me that he isn't going to participate in my diabetes any longer. When I said that the prescription for the test strips would help me out financially he then gave me the prescription. Prior to this I had a meeting with an endo he recommended me to see, where I asked to be put on a pump for financial reasons. Since I was not testing at the time she said that she couldn't help me where I ended up reacting because as we all know, insulin and all the tools to care for diabetes are quite expensive, so due to my lack of testing I was told I could not be helped out. I am assuming then that word made it back to my family doctor and then decided to not continue participating in the diabetic care.

Wait 'til you start to deal with a fear of being low... :(

Paul , yes I know having diabetes is expensive many times do you test daily ? Do you have a GP and have you been referred to an Endo ? The information I have read about insulin pumping : test a min of 4-6 times daily .PS it looks more like 10-12 times daily ...pumping is more expensive than using MDI . As a Canadian you may qualify for the Dissability Tax Credt( DTC ) ..more info in the Canadian Group .

I now test roughly 7 times a day. I have been referred to an endo, but at that time I was not testing. I do have a GP although visits are quite sparse. Anyways this was in the past when I did not have a job that provided benefits and I knew that the government funded the pump and assisted with supplies if one met certain criteria - that being the reasoning behind the attempt to get a pump. I am satisfied with the pens and what I have now and the stress and fear of finances is less now due to having a job with benefits. If someone is in a similar situation there is also the trillium drug plan to help out with finances

Glad to read, that financially things turned around !!We are Seniors and very grateful , that we have a a good extended health benefit plan in place as well!You may qualify for the Disability Tax Credit , if you can prove, it takes 14 hours weekly to manage your diabetes...exceptions : cooking, shopping etc. etc. !!! Worth looking into ???

I'm phobic of highs and lows but take things to the other extreme. I test my bgl twenty times per day on average.