Day 8 on Victoza

Nurse talked with Doctor and called me back today. He said it was fine to stay at the .06 dose as long as it’s keeping my numbers down, but if I want to also get the weight loss benefits of Victoza he recommended dialing it up to 1.2. I’m in a quandry…taking into account the possible side effects of Victoza, known (and because of the relative newness of the drug) unknown, along with the cost and the fact that the .06 dose is keeping my BG in the perfect range is on the side of staying right where I am.

The fact that I am easily 50 pounds overweight begs me to differ with that assement though. Let’s face it, what woman wouldn’t want to be closer to 150 rather then 200 pounds? BG levels aside, since they aren’t a factor anymore, is my health more at risk by the excess weight, or by the possible side effects of the increased dosage of Victoza? And would the weight loss by taking Victoza be significent enough to make a difference between the weight losee and the possible side effects?

Vanity wants me to take the higher dose, but… Oh my, I’d really like to have a crystal ball to see into the future on this decision! This is one question I’m going to take to the membership here and get some opinions on. I’ll post the best answers here…