Day 9 0f the dreaded lurgee

My cold/flu is still hanging about had to visit the doctors yesterday as I was having difficulty breathing without some discomfort, the doctor examined me and issed antibiotics amoxicillian and an inhaler to help free some of the gunk form my lungs.

Still trying to work out how the inhaler works the chemist should show you I am crap with instructions, sniverling a bit but headache going get dizzy when I cough so make sure I am sitting down before I fall down.

Have to go back to the surgery this afternoon to get the dressing changed on my big toe left foot which I knocked up 4 weeks ago as you know it takes ages for wounds cuts and bumps to heal when you are diabetic.

The rain has finally stopped but everwhere drenched and soggy we need a couple of dry days, cat sleeping on the radiator shelf spread out oblivious to the world around her, leg dangling of the shelf fur gently blowing with the hot air rising from the radiator.

Really felling tired right now so bye for now

Sending you warm hugs…I do wish you will feel better Raymond…maybe some hot soup broth? warm tea? lots and lots of fluids and rest. Funny, youre the 3rd person i have talked today with the flu, colds and cough…Must be the weather =( And I love your cat! (Remnds me of my lazy old cat Twinkle)