Day Off when starting the Pump?


I finally got thru all the b.s. and I have a Pump Start date of November 27. The CDE is recommending I take the day off that day. My appointment is at 8am and apparently lasts 3 hours.

Do you think it is a good idea to take the day off work? Or should I go in for the half day remaining? I have no idea what that first day will be like so I don’t know what I should do.

Thanks 8)

I agree with Dave. If you’re the type of person who feels like they can handle the transition at work okay after you’re all hooked up (potential lows), then no need to take the whole day off. But I would say that 2-3 hours is very common for pump training and set-up. I think it’s reasonable to assume you could work a half-day without a problem. I don’t remember my first day being sketchy, but it was a long time ago, so I don’t really remember.


I scheduled my appointment in the afternoon, I didn’t want to miss too much work:) Good luck and let us know how it goes:)

Unless you have a very stressful type of job or would not be able to take a short break if you do hit a big low, then I wouldn’t think you should have to take the whole day. I got mine set up first thing in the morning and went to work right after lunch. I had an office job with a very understanding boss so I knew I could take a break if I needed to. I didn’t need to though. It really should be your decision, though.

I did mine in the late afternoon and I don’t remember anything crazy happening either. My educator gave me hi cell# so I could check in everyday for a couple of days. I agree with Dave, if you feel comfortable just do a half day.

Good luck! I hope you enjoy it!

Take the whole day off so that you can concentrate and register everything you’re being told. It’s life changing and warrants a whole day off from work.

That I did, I have done a lot of research…lol.

I personally took the day off and i felt better doing so but i really think its a personal preference. I know it gave my time to go over all the information i was given for the pump.

My appt to start the omnipod was at 830 am. I was out of the CDE’s office about 12 and went to work. But it’s all up to you and what your job entails. I kinda wish I would have taken the whole day off, because my levels were crazy that first day! Good luck on your pump =)

I started my pump on Oct 28, went to the CDE at 8AM, was finished about 11:30 and went to work with no ill effects. To me, it felt no different than a day of shots.

im due to start the pump as soon as i can get it deliver. whats pumping insulin??? is it a blog or a magazine im from the uk

Pumping Insulin by John Walsh is a book all about pumping insulin. It helped me learn about all the pump can do and how to make it work for you. Especially now that you are going on the pump I recommend reading it. I couldn’t find it in my book store so I ordered from Amazon.

When I started my pump I had an early afternoon appointment with my CDE - 2:30 or so. It probably lasted 2 hours and I went back to work right after that. I can certainly see the advantage of taking the whole day off but I’m not the kind of person that needs time to absorb everything. YMMV.

My appt was 6pm and out by 8 pm . I was hooked up but, didn’t start pumping until the next day. I had taken my Lantus the morning of and had to wait 24 hrs. Go ahead and take the day off. Go shopping!! LOL