Day to feel grateful

Today is the first morning in weeks that I went for my 4 mile walk without a coat. It was intoxicating feeling the sun on my face and the warmer breeze blowing my hair. I found myself smiling the whole time I was outside. It made me realize how grateful I am for everything in my life. I, however, like to take it further and go looking for more to be grateful for. My bucket list is to leave a legacy not for what I did as a career for all those years or my children that are now grown but for what I am now contributing to this particular period of my life. I would never have met all you wonderful people and hope that by sharing a part of my life it will help those be encouraged that life is full of blessings! Don’t get bogged down by complications and reach out to those if you need the support. I live fast, hard, and take it to the edge as you never know what tomorrow brings and I am no spring chicken. Taking tai chi and part time college courses for fun now. I get to take what I like instead of satisfying a degree…love it. You can always learn and hopefully we all learn from each other. We are all unique and have something in common others don’t. Can’t wait to know you better!

Thank you for the wonderful positive write-up. Most encouraging. Blessings…

Thank you, Larry, and I mean every word. As my numbers have been getting higher and I struggle, I just find more to appreciate, be grateful for, and then start the day sooner the next day! Life is good people…what are we waiting for. We are special and unique and I love that we found each other to share. I feel a thirst to be fed by all your interesting stories about how you are carrying your life. Can’t wait to be up in the morning to see what the day brings. Joy to all of you. J

Tx, I feel inspired (and I need it right now)!

Thanks, Don. We are here to support and understand. It isn’t always easy and more difficult for others. I have stepped up my living style because of complications from mine. That’s why I now say bucket list instead of things to do. I just turned 56. I look for presents in the day and you find them by finding kind people in this group that make you feel good or someone making your day by a random act of kindness or what you see with your eyes in the beauty of the world if you only stop and take a moment. Gratitude overcomes me at those moments.