Daycare tip sheet for the pump

i was wondering if anyone had any links or resources that could help me
my son just went on the animas ping and so far things have been going well
i was looking for some kind of simple outline to give my daycare provider with the basics for what she will need to care for my son
she has been caring for him and doing carb counting up to this point and doing his insulin shots
so she is knowledgable - but not on the pump

any ideas …
i can make a sheet up but i thought if something was out there then i wouldn’t have to make one up myself

Hi Matilda

There is one in the back of Pumping Insulin by John Walsh. It’s a book worth having, but if you don’t plan on buying it I can figure out my quirky scanner later today and get it to you. (Maybe someone else can do it before then with less trauma…lol)

oh i do have that book ! let me go check it out THANKS for the TIP