Day's End

I hope everyone had a great day.

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I've had a rough day due to asthma.

I rarely use my inhaler enough to use it all up before the Exp. date. Today I got mine out and guess what it was all used up. Called my pulmonologists office and he's on vacation until Jan 3rd.

So I called my NPs office and asked them to phone a new inhaler in for me.

She doesn't get to her office until 5pm so I took a predinosone and hoped for the best both breathing and glucose wise.

The pred didn't work to well but it helped enough to avoid the ER.

My bg went from 92 to 154. I took it about an hour ago and I'm down to 104.

When I have to use it I'm suppose to do a 3 day round of it. I'm trying to decide if I'm going to do a full 3 day round or not if I'm doing ok in the morning.

I hate taking predinosone due to my bgs rising, and it hinders weight loss. If I gain from it that weight stays on for a long time.

but since

I'm not stupid I decided in 2005 that if it was a matter of breathing or not breathing I would take the stuff and deal with the bgs as best as I can.

I'd rather be alive and have temporary higher bgs

than dead with a normal bg.

It's a catch 22 any way you look at it.

Do you have asthma or know of someone who does?

How do they deal with having to take predinosone or some other med that raises glucose level?


Exercise: none today due to asthma.

Tomorrow if I'm doing ok I'll either go to the pool or use the treadmill as long as the hip allows.

I was reading a diabetic magazine tonight and it said that even shopping if you've been inactive for a long time could be counted. So tomorrow I could count that as exercise unless I have to sit down a lot.

I have to do some shopping tomorrow so that and 2-5 mins on the treadmill may be it.

Food: I did good.

When the asthma was at it's worse I just didn't feel like eating.

Today was all about forcing myself to eat enough so I wouldn't go low.

It was my second day of sticking with my program and I was more mindful of making better food choices

Water: I did well with that too.

While it wasn't a fun day I'm really pleased with myself on the food and water front. As far as exercise goes I'm ok with how that turned out.


Having to take steroids makes things more difficult--sorry. Yay for drinking all the water & eating well.

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Thanks Gerri

Keep up the great work!

Its true about pred causing blood sugars to go up, but 154 isn't bad for the most part. I'm not on pred at the moment with my asthma but I know that after I get to the point with my COPD the Dr will be adding that to the countless amounts of meds I'm already taking.

I know it isn't fair that pred causes so many side effects in our lives that I'm using a predinzone eyedrop in my left eye knowing that if I don't I can loose all the work that the eye doc did would be for nothing. My Endo knows that I use it and with my numbers staying around 150 so much he takes it into account no matter what I eat or how much water I drink.

But keep up with the great work that your doing and hopefully you can get another inhailer from your polomologist after the third.

Hi Gus

Usually Pred sends me up to the 180s and sometimes as high as 234.

So I was pretty ok with the 154.

Today I'm feeling much better so I decided to stop using it.

When I take pred it's always a short term deal for.

My NP phoned in an inhaler for me so I'm all set there.

Gee, I'm sorry about your eye. I'm so glad your doc was able to treat your eye.