DBlog 2015, Clean it Out

I never throw anything away! Well, almost never. My old MM pump comes to mind. Years ago I was a Happy Pumper. Granted, I had too many hypoglycemic episodes, some quite frightening. In time, I did learn to have fairly good control, A1Cs in the fives, and a minimum of lows. Traveling and trailer camping was so much easier than when I was on insulin vials and syringes. Since I am greatly tech-challenged and still could manage my pump, I was rather proud of myself. After a few years of pumping, my body changed–I lost weight and lost tissue. I found I didn’t have the real estate for infusions anymore. I went on insulin pens, put my pump at the bottom of a big plastic container of medical supplies and forgot it.

Sunday of last weekend I was sitting on the edge of my bed, testing my blood sugar for the night, and looking at the High. I began to mutter stuff under my breath. My husband said, You need your pump. I muttered some more, went to the kitchen, stepped over the dogs and took out my Apidra pen from the fridge (too hot now to leave my pens at room temperature).

I sure would like to use a pump again–how about an implanted one? Some closed loop system that doesn’t require an infusion? I’m not going to throw anything away now, especially my old pump. It makes a great souvenir and memory of when I was a Happy Pumper/Camper.


Hi Trudy, Can you try it again? Maybe your skin etc. has recovered enough to use the insets?

Hi meee. I have tissue on my belly (more than I need!), but not enough anywhere else that I’d want to put an infusion. I used to use my thighs and upper arms, for instance, but I just don’t think they would work anymore. Oh, well.

well it’s worth a try, your belly has scar tissue?

Good Morning, Meee. No scar tissue from infusions is left now; it’s just that my belly is really the only place that I have enough body tissue to hold an infusion. My old pump is years out of warranty, so I’d need a new one. Actually, my husband is in favor of my getting a new one, but since I could only wear it part-time, I’m not sure it’s worth it. I have to admit, I’ve had thoughts of an Omnipod. Now that’s it so small, it’s worth considering.

sounds good, I would get a new one then! I like my tandem but it has tubing etc. If it makes your life easier it’s worth it.

I was starting to have problems with some sites and infusion sets that I had been using over the last 10-11 years. I decided to try some of the new infusion sets from Medtronic. like the Mio and I started using a shorter canula on their silhouette’s. I am now using 3 different sets for different locations and it has been working well for last few years. My problem was similar to yours, if I lost 10lbs there was not enough meat “fat”, lol on some of the sites so I was over using the ones that were fat enough. The newer sets have worked on the lowfat area’s.

JC14, congratulations on finding sets that work for you. It sounds like you did a lot of experimenting to get your good results. I always wonder how children manage to wear pumps.

Yes, I can imagine that a lean child would not have much fun with insertion points. I am almost glad that I went through my younger active years on injections and could do everything without being attached to pump during those years.
Trudy, which pump system were you using?

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