DBlog 2015, Foods on Friday

The topic, “Foods on Friday”, speaks for itself. I think we all tend to go a little crazy on Friday.

I have Celiac Disease, so I eat completely Gluten Free; with Type 1 Diabetes, a try to restrict the carbs; as a result, I eat moderately-low carb. My husband eats low-fat and is our (extremely good) chef. So on Fridays, we often have pizza. My pizza is GF of course and his is not. We add lots of cheese, mushrooms, and turkey sausage to our individual pizzas. We also add a salad to the menu, with lots of greens, tomatoes, avacado, and olives. This is accompanied by beer, in my case GF Prairie Path. In other words, we do like to go a little crazy on Fridays.

My husband considers my breakfast to be crazy as well. He makes very strong coffee, which I need-need-need in the morning. However, in order to avoid acid reflux, my morning latte is: 1 cup strong coffee, 1/3 cup skim milk, big scoop of vanilla ice cream. I bolus for 35 g carbs. I love my breafast!

For good reason, I skip lunch on Fridays. Other days I have Nut-Thins (rice crackers) and Tillamook Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese with a small salad. Here I’ll note that Consumers Union talks about rice containing arsenic, and that folks on GF diets can get way too much arsenic in their diet. California rice, they say, has less arsenic than from anywhere else, such as China or the Southern US. I actually called the Nut-Thins people on the phone and asked them the source of their rice, and they said California.

Most days dinner will be such as soup, salad, chicken/turkey/fish/occasionally beef, lots of fresh veggies especially when they are in season and locally grown. Summer is almost here, Yay. I like white wine with my dinner–Cheers!


What a fun topic. I confine my Go Goofy Days to the days of my A1c tests—good, bad or indifferent, I figure one deserves a reward at 3 month intervals.—I pig out on a humongous bowl of buttered popcorn and call it lunch!

On a day to day basis, I evolved a way of eating where lunch is my biggest meal of the day because I can get in the most effective exercise after lunch in terms of plain old burning carbs—walks or gardening or a longer workout. It’s always a good protein source, usually in a grilled sandwich made with my yummy 4-carb flax pitas, and a big, pasta-bowl size salad (craving a lot of avocado these days). Dinner is still high protein (essential for my fibromyalgia), with broccoli, perhaps, and very few carbs. Breakfast is almost 0 carb, but lots of protein in an egg and a fatty, yummy cheese—I always say I could never be Vegan because I am such a cheesehead.

Your breakfast sounds perfectly reasonable! My mom used to put butter in her coffee, so ice cream makes perfect sense to me!..

Blessings on us all, finding our various ways to eat and live well with our diabetes…