DBlog Week 2014 / Day 3: What Brings Me Down

DBlog Week / Day 3: What Brings Me Down

What brings me down… literally… was waking up on the floor six months ago and wondering how I got there. Well, once I got myself together, I figured out how I got there.

I absolutely hate lows the most. They take so much out of me physically. I miss so much, because I’m so physically wiped from them. The result of a bad low bg episode is a terrible migraine, freezing cold, feeling like I’ve been hit by a truck or thrown from a roof onto concrete. It can take hours to recover.

When I first was diagnosed, I decided to be as disciplined as I possibly could and do my best for tight control. Soon after that, I strived for the lowest A1c I could get… the result was the low bg episodes that came with it. At the time I was not living alone.

Fast forward… living alone, very cautious, extremely cautious about my numbers. Not wanting to have low bg episodes if I can help it. My A1c went up a little. I accepted that. And then I got so frustrated when I realized that even if I did everything right, sometimes it didn’t even matter. Having diabetes means that sometimes things are gonna go wrong. Hence, having a decent number at bedtime, and waking up on the floor five hours later.

Low bg sometimes means that I’m going to miss things… things I like to do, places I like to go, appointments I have, sometimes even work. I love riding my bike but sometimes can’t. It’s also frustrating to cancel a workout or cut one short when the bg tanks and won’t rise, even when I do what I’m supposed to do.

I do my best to try not to get upset. I hate that this is now my life. I say it could be worse. I have a decent support system, good friends who check on me if they don’t hear from me.

The absolute worst was a hypo induced seizure. However I was extremely fortunate that immediately before I had spoken to a friend on the phone. What the hell?? That was beyond scary.

But like I said, it could always be worse. I do get very tired, very wiped, very shaken up, but somehow I keep going. I believe that, its not what knocks you down…it’s getting back up each time.

And… I read blogs of people who have had diabetes decades longer than I have. That gives me strength. That gives me hope.


Wow, that was one bad seizure that you had there. I've had my fair share of them and then some but I never once ended up on the floor. I have had every symptom you had. I remember hating the freezing chill and a bad headache the most. I'm glad that you are doing better now.

I drink a lot of mainly sugarless drinks during the day, so I wake up during the night to go to the bathroom once or twice. This is also when I test my sugar and have half a juice box or a couple of pieces of dark chocolate, if I have an occasional low. I also take a small shot, if I need to correct a high.
Thankfully these don't happen too often. Some People drink a cup of tea before they go to bed which wakes them up to test also. Hopefully more lows or seizures will take a lonnnnnnnng vacation from you. Take care Hakima!

Thank you! I hope so too… To the seizures anyway. Another bad low 2 days after writing that. I’m going to try the tea before bed.