Dblog week: bloopers

I was a new diabetic, and still figuring things out. I didn’t have my bg under control yet, and wasn’t used to eating often enough to keep it even. On this particular day, I was off from work, running errands, and suddenly I felt it… I was dropping while driving.

At the red light, I looked in my bag. ZERO. No OJ, no tablets, nothing. Nothing in the car. WTF. At the next red light, I took my bg… I was in the disaster zone, in the 40’s. WTF. I saw a store a few blocks up, found parking, and told myself, “focus… focus.” I had to park this car.

I parked without hitting the curb. Kept telling myself “FOCUS.” I was determined not to be the stereotyped crazy diabetic who goes off in the store and gets arrested or passes out, and wakes up with medics all around. No way, not me. I made my way to the cold aisle & got the OJ. It took everything I had to resist drinking it before I paid for it. As soon as I got my change, I was breaking it open. Right at the exit door I guzzled the pint. Still out of it, I tossed it into the trash & walked to my car.

I almost passed out. I still was holding the OJ bottle… I TOSSED MY KEYS INTO THE TRASH!!! I wanted to scream! I went back to the large trash can. Gross as it was, I bent over in there. I had to get those keys. I was too far from home. I leaned in a few times and finally got them, I was exhausted from crashing and pissed. I sat down on the curb, tired, dirty, my head in my hands, and waited for my bg to come up. A older woman walking into the store put a dollar in my hand. “Bless you,” she said. I looked up but said nothing as she kept walking. I’m still sitting next to this trash can… I guess I look homeless now?

Can diabetes suck anymore than this?!!! LOL!!

At least you got a buck out of it!

LOL! Poor you! I’m sure Glad that you were able to park your car, drink your OJ and find your keys. Good job! Many years ago, I also trained myself to FOCUS on doing what I needed to, in order to be successful in raising my sugar level higher. It is important. The situation can go haywire, if a Person panics while in a low. If I am too low in a store, I will grab a juice box or something sweet off of the shelf and drink or eat it and show the container/wrapper at the cash and pay for it before I leave the store. You’re allowed.

Yes, it could. Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed your blog. :slight_smile:

That’s quite a story. I’m glad it turned out well! In fact, it’s very funny now that it’s over. Along with the other disasters you mentioned, losing keys is a big one.