DBlog Week: The Cost of Diabetes

This is DBlog Week, 2017. Today’s prompt is to write about the cost of Diabetes, and perhaps something good that has come from it. Somehow I couldn’t get connected to the DBlog folks, so I’ll just write my comment here: I’ve read several blogs on today’s topic; clearly the costs are high! The costs are high with respect to money, of course, very high, but also in many other respects. I find the costs are high with respect to my mind. I’m preoccupied by Diabetes. I always have to test, to carry my supplies, to consider my diet. Always. I know I am diabetic whenever I do anything at all. It pushes out thoughts of everything and everybody else… It’s always there. I have Type I Diabetes. My mind says, Think About it! You have Diabetes! A high cost to pay, giving up a portion of my mind. Add my name to the folks waiting for a cure!


Diabetes does take up an inordinate share of my thinking. Its all-day every-day nature makes the cumulative toll large. I don’t consider it a waste, however. When my thinking can deliver good solutions to diabetes challenges, it satisfies me.

Nice thought, @Trudy1!


My thoughts are also preoccupied constantly about our condition but I try not to allow it to be a source of residence for less then proactive solutions.
I think about the thought that leads to action is beneficial to over wellbeing and not just a mandatory to do to placate my diabetes.

I have struggles and worries that rob me of sleep and smiles but it’s a part of me and to not except this as fact is to deny a part of myself.

It’s always there but it’s just who I am

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