DBlog Week's Poetry Tuesday: It Depends

This is the moment when you become speechless
…of seemingly endless pondering and wild guesses
…the moment when you feel shattered and helpless
…This is the moment when the nurse says, “You have diabetes”

It’s desperately funny
You touch your skin and wonder, “Why me?”
You fight the feeling with a held-back tear and a happy memory
But the moment just simply floats and you feel depressed, cheated, angry…

Then a shallow voice in your head speaks loud and clear
Then it tells you to be strong and not fear
Then it asks you to keep your heads up and never lose that same old cheer
Because, without batting an eyelash, you have gone a long way from there to here

Just as you can tell how your story began, you can also tell how it would end
Pick a sad or happy ending, choose between can and can’t
It depends…