Dealing with change ...Difficult especially as a diabetic

Recently being released from the Bop , and being able to seek viable medical care is with out a doubt a blessing , as Im really getting myself fixed in lots of avenues, from the eye doc, to the podiatrist, dentally and so forth, my most recent affair was to the new endo, upon proudly strutting into her office with my current log and ready to empty my heart to my new found guidance , I was rudly awakened , The doc told me that my 7.1 a1c is just an average ( I never realized that) lol ...

and that I need to get up on newer improved insulin, as she would like tighter control... frustrated , as I eat healthy exercise plenty, and feel like Ive done well for the past 4 years, never mind the 26 that I have been a TYpe 1, just to get things turned upside down by the different peaks and valleys of dealing with a new insulin.. just when I think I m doing something... they switch it up on me, I know the ideal thing is the pump, but my insurance does not cover it, and so Im dealing with Change.... not complaing just venting..... and will remain positive, and just view this as another challenge that I will overcome... and keep on keeping on ;)

Maybe you can try Levemir or Lantus instead of the NPH. I think you will do better without the NPH. Just my opinion. I switched from Lantus to Levemir and really find it a smooth and flat basal insulin. The Humalog works well with it too…Levemir dosent have a peak time so using the Humalog can be very accurate. BTW, 7.0 A1c isnt too shabby…that is my goal…lol you are doing much better then I am. :slight_smile: