Dealing with Medically Needy - Tandem did beautifully

I haven't seen posts anywhere about this, so I figured I'd post.

Tandem is wonderful to work with! I'm so impressed! They hooked me up a distributor and helped me get a new pump approved through Medically Needy in FL. They worked with my Doc's office and got everything rolling. They made it seem so easy - but I know it wasn't dealing with Medicaid, little alone Medically Needy here in FL.

I have a lot of health problems and meet my Share of Cost each month with meds alone. I'm not sure if that helped in getting approved having already met my obligations, but I'm getting a new T:Slim Wednesday. I'm so excited!

To sum it up: It IS possible to get a new insulin pump with Medically Needy Share of Cost FL Medicaid - Especially if Tandem helps you.

That’s awesome! I’m glad it worked out for you. Welcome to the T:Slim community!

Pump arrived a couple days late, but had a beautiful pump start none the less. I am in LOVE with this pump!