Dealing with the flu Season; Part 1

No one enjoys getting the flu.Most Healthy people it is a few days in bed. For the diabetic the flu is more than aches and pains. We are not at a greater risk of getting the flu than the general population but for us the risks are greater.(although , many of us work in jobs that give us a higher exsposer rate;hospitals, nursing homes, schools and ect.) If we get the flu it is likely to be more severe and last longer. We are more at a risk of complications from the flu. The flu can exacerbate our diabetes. Blood sugar can be hard enough to deal with normally but with the flu it can be devastating.Due to the nature of diabetes ;many diabetics have other health issues (such as heart disease) that makes the flu even more dangerous. And many diabetics are elderly which is also puts them at greater risk of complications.Each year 200,000 people enter the hospital and 36,000 people die from the flu .It is estimated at less one third those numbers are diabetics.

The diabetic needs to do everything in there power to avoid getting the flu. This can’t be overstated.
(The thought of getting the flu strikes fear in my heart.).The ADA,AMA and CDC all state that our first line of defense is getting the flu vaccination.It is estimated that only 60% of adult diabetic get the flu shot.

There are many reasons why people choose not to take the flu shot. Some reason are more legitimate than others. Here are a few that I have heard :

  1. I stick myself enough without getting a flu shot. (wait to you get to the hospital)

  2. I might get the flu from the flu shot.(this can’t happen the virus is dead in the vaccine.)

  3. I never get sick . (It might only take one time)

  4. I don’t have time. ( if you don’t have time to get the shot , how much time do you have to stay in bed?)

There are those who should not receive the vaccine. Those who are severely allegic to eggs since the virus is incubated in eggs.Anyone under 6months of age. Anyone who had a severe reaction in the pass.
The CDC stated ; “Almost all people recieving the flu vaccination do not have serious problems. However , on rare occasion some do have serious problems…” (That statement sounds like legal double talk to me.)
Anyone that is ill and have a fever at the time of dispensing of the vaccine should not recieve it.

Some are concern with the long term use of vaccines . Some of the concerns are :Formaldehyde is use to kill the active virus is a carcinogen. Aluminum is used to boost active antigen is a neurotoxin .Many vaccines contain thimerosal which is a perservative made with mercury.

In spite of getting the flu shot some will still get the flu

  1. If a person is exsposed to the flu prior to getting the vaccine ;there is a possibilty of contracting the flu.

  2. Many virus are mistaken as the flu that are not…

3.If a person is exposed to a strain other than that which is targeted by the vaccine.They are unprotected by the vaccine.

  1. There are certain percentage the remain unprotected despite getting flu shot.

Thanks Debb ,I love the egg story. I don’t know about other places but most pharmacies offer flu shots. Walgreens is reasonable in price. Our local health dept. also makes them availabe at cost.
Some times it’s our priority. I was talking to a man in line at the store .He told me he couldn’t afford the flu shot just as he ask the clerk for a carton of cigarettes

Hi Joe,
You did an excellent job here and i am still very grateful for the time you are using while sidelined in recovery. You give us all something to benefit from and this is truly a treasure for all of us. You are making peolple think. There are things we can all practice to keep infections from hitting us. I firmly believe in cleaning off the cart handles with a special wipe that i carry at all times.when shopping with a cart. I also avoid food bars that have low sides where children can cough or breathe or spit onto the foods near the edges. I have seen this too many times. And i avoid all samples from people handing out samples. If you watch them wiping their noses with their gloves on and then gong back to handing out samples then you know what I mean. There are a number of very risky situations and I would love to see a discussion started about how we can protect ourselves that make us all stop and think about what we do.every day that puts us at risk especailly during this cold and flu season.
I personally do not get the flu shot due to a very dangerous reaction to one I got. it put me in the hospital and we still do not know what caused it. I eat and enjoy eggs just fine. The reaction I had was like I had been heavily poisoned. And it was a struggle to keep me alive It may have been a preservative or anything else. But as a matter of course i don’t get them. I really don’t think I could survive one now.
I do however deeply appreciate the effort you are making to get people to prevent illness and take care of things .
Keep up the good work Joe.

Saundra, I too wipe carts off with septic wipes . I’ve taught my daughter to use her sleave to cough on instead of her hand so that she doesn’t futher spread germs.

Have you ever watch people wash their hands in a public restroom. They turn on the water and hardly get their hands wet (I’ve seen some that didn’t even use soap). Then they turn the water off using their hand.

I think to myself why did they bother. I always use a paper towel to turn offthe water. Don’t they know that they are recontaminating themself when they touch that faucet again plus picking up other peoples contamination. Once I leave the restroom I use Purell.

There are a lot of people who can eat eggs but when the protien from the egg enters the body other the digestion system ,the body creates an antigen. (I’m one of them.) These people are endanger of developing egg allergy if they ever get “leaky gut”.

Hey Joe,
Thanks for the info about the egg allergy and leaky gut syndrome. I didn’t know that.
And you are so right about the hand washing in restrooms. It makes me sick to think about where those hands go when they walk out the door. I am so grateful for the new style hands free faucets that turn off and on automatically. I think I am kind of fixated on prevention I run my scrubber in the dishwasher each time i turn it on at night and spray the cabinet with the Lysol kitchen cleaner and wipe it down even after putting the grocery bags on it when i come in from the store. And i use the hand rails all the time at home and use the antiseptic wipes on them a couple of times each week too.
I think it would be neat to see what obsessiions others have with this issue. I can name an obsession I have. It is with the flush handle in the bathroom. I simply have to wipe it down each day,especially after having people come over for the holidays. I have a bunch of grandkids and this year we went with decorative (colored) paper hand towels to dry the hands on instead of me switching the hand towels a number of times during the day.on Thanksgiving day. And we keep Purell in different places in the house too. When you get 10 little ones in the house at one time there isn’t always space in the bathrooms My kids can always count on an antiseptic wipe in my purse and a little bottle of Purell. And tissues.