Dealing with the flu Season :Part 2

So what if your the one that can take the flu shot or you are exposed to a different strain of flu. In 03-04 flu season ,The CDC was concerned that the flu vacinine would be ineffective due to the number of strains of flu that year. In 07-08 season there was a shortage of vaccine due to contamination. Or even worse what if we are hit with a Pandemic flu which could leave thousands dead before a vaccine could be put in place .

The pandemic flu of 1918,also know as the Spanish flu, had it’s first fatality in U.S. in Oct. of that year and by April of 1919 over 200,000 American were dead. It disapeared as quickly as it started. Little girls skipped rope to a new rhyme;“I had a little bird named Enza ; I open the window and in flew Enza…”

In 1965 another pandemic flu hit ,the Hong Kong flu . It wasn’t as bad as the 1918 pandemic but still did it’s damage.( I still have hearing lose from a secondary ear infection from that flu epidemic.)

It’s not a matter of if a pandemic flu hits ;it’s a matter of when and how severe. What can we do? Will your survival be a matter of chance?

Perphaps the answer is in Vitamin D .There is a lot of strong data that is pointing that way.

Most of us think of vitamin D as something just for strong bones but it should come as no surprise that it is much more important than that… We as the human species developed under the blazing sun of the sub-equator of Africa (with out the benefit of Coppertone). Many believe Vitamin D is more of a hormone than a vitamin.

We always known that we we’re more likely to get the flu in the winter than any other time. Feb. being the key month.Our mothers told us to bundle up so we didn’t catch the flu or a cold.

We have been told that the reason that the flu is more likley in the winter months is because we are indoors more bring us in closer contact of infected people and the dry humidity also drys the mucus tissues out causing a greater risk. This explaination fails to explain why the flu is seen in the tropics during the rainy season .

Dr R Edgar Hope-Simpson in 1960 documented seasonal “trigger” for the flu and cold .Hope-Simpson noted in the study that in the Middle Ages The flu epidemics would brake out simultanieously in islolate communities before modern transportation could be blamed. Hope-Simpson called it ;“…an unknown sesonal trigger.”

The connection to Vitamin D came forth in 2005 flu season from a Maxium Security Hospital for the criminally insane.In one ward ,patients were receiving 2000IU’s of Vitamin D3 for unrelated reason. All the patients in that ward were in poor health and not young. None of the patients had regular sun exsposer. Also none of the patients were good canidates for the flu vaccine. The hospital prepared for the worse . In April, at the end of the flu season, not one of the patients who was on Vitamin D therapy got the flu ;even though they were exsposed and other in the hospital contracted the flu.
The same result have been repeated in futher studies

It has been found that Vitamin D3 increases the production of antimicrobial peptides without increasing the release of inflammatory cells,chemokines and cytokins into the lung.

Autopies of the 1918 pandemic dead shown that inflamatory cytokins completely destroyed the epithelial cells of the lungs ,causing the lung to fill up with fluids. Vitamin D3 has proven to prevent this…

Vitamin D3 could explain :

  1. Flu season follows the winter solistice and the flu season is at its peak in Feb. when Vitamin D is at its lowest.

2.The Flu disappears after the Summer solistice.

  1. Why the flu is more common in the tropic during the rainny season.(No , it’s not because they got their feet wet.)

  2. When bad weather keeps inside for longer periods of time ,number of flu cases go up.

  3. Children who play outside have fewer colds and flu.

  4. Children with rickets and adults with osteomalacia get more than normal rate of the flu.

Hi Joe,
You did an excellent job here as well. I truly hope this blog will convince more of us to use the very important Vitamine D3 There is a lot of research out now about the benefits of D3 and how much it protects us from so many things. I am grateful to you for tapping into the use of this vitamin and would love to see anything more you come up with about it. Even more so, I am glad to see YOU searching into it because you are excellent in your presentation. Keep up the good work Joe. You are really on to something. My best to you.

Thanks Debb, make sure you’re getting D3 and not D2 .D2 doesn’t do humans any good and prevents the body in use of D3. D3 is taken to the liver and a OH is added ;then in the uptake another OH is add D3+2(OH). This can not happen with D2 .

Also don’t sell vitamin C short . It increases interfeions which blocks viruses ablity to reproduce. However it is also inportant how it is taken. Most vitamin C is extracted from corn , Do you have a sensativity to corn? Also Vitamin C has a very short half life of 1/2hr. ;the best results is to take in divided dose every 4hr.