Dean Kamen - Making Diabetes Smaller

A recent chat discussion about the advancement of diabetes management technology lead to me posting about Dean Kamen.

Who? Well, the inventor of the Segway.

But! Before you roll your eyes and walk away, there's more to him than that. A lot more.

He's the guy behind DEKA Research - an organization that does SCIENCE and in a big way.

How does that relate to PWD?

Well, in his early days Dean Kamen was responsible for the technology that shrunk glucometers from the size of a fridge to the size of a toaster oven. This meant that, for the first time ever, patients could have units at home rather than having to come in to the hospital to check their BG readings.

This was a huge step forward in the quality of care and was significantly responsible for Dean Kamen's now-empire.

Following on the heels of that step forward, Dean Kamen went on to create the first ever wearable insulin pump - another huge step forward.

Around then Dean Kamen also turned 30.

Diabetes management devices aren't his only trick though. Dean was also responsible for a half-dozen other significant medical technologies in other fields like dialysis and wheelchair technologies - he invented a wheelchair that can not just handle stairs, it can rise-up to get the user up to a height of 6' or more. All while running on treads that can navigate gravel and loose stones - perfect for when you want to hit the beach.

In his spare time Dean Kamen also advocates for the advancement of science and technology, pilots helicopters and receives government awards for innovation and invention.

He also owns a private island and has seceded from the US, making him the ruler of his own private, tiny, country.

So, yes, Dean Kamen. He has had a bigger impact on making Diabetes-related technology, and thus Diabetes itself, smaller than anyone else I can think of. And that's just one of the many things he does.

Dean Kamen.
Snappy dresser.

Look him up if you want to be amazed:

cool! whod have thought?!?!


Wow. I didn't know one guy was behind all of this cool stuff. very interesting.