Dear Body

Dear Body,
Some days I just don’t get you.
You are like my BFF, I’ve known you like forever. But you confuse me sometimes.
After a day of fasting (because frankly I forgot to eat, too busy) the next day i gained 4 pounds. How do you DO THAT?? Really?
And we had three days of great sugars and for no apparent reason (you know I took my meds, ate right, drank my fluids) I woke up with a sugar 40 points higher than expected. What’s THAT about??
Some days I think you are mad at me.
Some days I think you are testing me.
Some days I think you are making fun of me.

And then I remember you are human. And not a machine. And there are SO MANY things influencing you that I don’t always think about and I decide you are doing the best you can.
I caution myself to patience.
I remind myself that tomorrow is another day.
I scan my journal for reasons and remind myself that you can’t predict everything and that life is full of surprises.

I am a reasonable woman and even though my husband says that is an oxymoron – I can love you body even though you aren’t always logical.


My body is doing something similar to me.
7 billion bodies in this planet.
I believe it must be …
Body conspiracy!

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Dear Body:

Thank you for making me the exception. As long as I treat you right, you treat me right. I never look for excuses, blame, or play games, just solutions. Yes, you sometimes make me be anal about repeating a day for a few days exactly down to the last carb with identical food and drink while making sure exercise, rest time and all other factors remain the same so I can find out what went wrong and you always come through with the ah-ha moment needed to solve the cause of a problem.

I use my CGM and my scale to keep my weight and BG under control. Every morning when I get up I weigh myself to make sure I am under 125 lbs. to stay between 125-130 lbs. during the day. If I am as much as 125.1 in the morning, I skip breakfast. Maybe scale was right and maybe it was wrong and cheated me out of breakfast. Who cares, I will make up for it by tomorrow one way or the other rather than try to wiggle on scale to reduce weight or re-weigh several times in hopes for a change or blame water retention and every other available excuse.

My CGM is a similar process. It gives me information and I act accordingly. You have frequently rewarded me with 30 day 100% Time in Range according to Dexcom clarity reports (BG 55-150 during day and 55-130 at night) when I respect CGM numbers and have put me out of range when testing new foods and playing with I:C ratio. Sometimes you cheat me with a bad sensor, lack of a pre-soak sensor, or other anomaly but all in all I treat you right and in return you treat me right.

I hate this scourge and after about 30 years of it am still learning how to keep control levels of a non-diabetic while eating more varied foods and travelling the world. At age 70+ have never been or felt healthier so at least some little blessing in disguise. Thank you body every day for being alive and allowing me to experience and experiment another day.

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