Dear computer: I just got a spurt of energy

to run down the road and back…
…its and minus 5 degrees…
i can’t feel my fingers,
i’m out of breath,
the neighbors dog chased me –
but i can’t stop smiling.

love your mental diabetic.

Do you need some Prozac with your insulin?? hehe

YEAAAAA! PROZAK. Jill, you’re a NUT! A lovable nut, but a nut nonetheless. I love your humor. I just wish some would rub off on me. I went to bariatric clinic today and the DR told me I am NOT a good candidate for bariatric surgery because of my weight, back condition and the fact that I can’t walk very far without severe pain. Boy I cried!! Just needed your humor. Thanx! Lois La Rose

I imagine you running in your beautiful bikini…

haha i like to think its summer all year round here sohair, unfortunately we have the coldest, darkest winters and that bikini becomes a puffy snow suit :stuck_out_tongue: I dont think i’ve seen the sun in a week