Dear friends, I am happy I found this forum. I am diagnosed last year with Type 2 - A1C 6.5. No meds yet..struggling to maintain

Hello all, with Fasting BS 140 and Post meal after 2 hours 170, using alternative medicine for last 6 months. A1C is swinging between 6.8 to 6. I am not sure whether I am taking risk by not using allopathic medicine.

Many people believe that damage starts at 140. Personally my goal is to never go over 140. By that standard your present treatment regime is not optimal.

Have you tried cutting fast acting carbs like grain and fruit in addition to sugar? For me this along with prescription drugs has proven to be successful in keeping my blood sugar below 140 most of the time. If you would like to research this try the bloodsugar 101 website, pay particular attention to the "How to lower your blood sugar" page. It details the "Eat to Your Meter" system which uses your meter to find a diet that will meet your goals.

I too was diagnosed last December with type II and an A1c of 6.5. I am on metformin (2 x 500mg) and a very low carb diet. My last A1c was 4.9 and my FBG is now typically in the 70's mg/dl. I have been able to keep my postprandial highs under 120 mg/dl. I eat to my meter. If it goes much over 110 mg/dl 1 hour postprandial, I remove that food from my diet. To ensure that I keep under 120 mg/dl I eat new foods in small quantities. I will also look up the carbs to help me decide if I can handle it. I limit meals to less than 10 grams of carbs.

I don't think that I would had as good results without the metformin. Its role is to calm down the liver so that it does not produce as much glucose via glycogenolysis. If you have high FBG this is one possible cause. From everything I have read metformin is very safe.

I should also say that 6 months of very tight control of my BG has resulted in most of my symptoms at diagnosis disappearing. This includes dry mouth, frequent urination, excessive thirst, lower abdominal pain, and phantom itching on my feet. And I now get a good night's sleep. I have also lost 30 lbs and am in the middle of normal weight guidelines which I credit to my low carb, moderate protein, high fat diet.

Chinni---My doc also caught my D early, at 6.5. This is a good thing. You have a little time to figure out what works for you. I am 7 years now not on any meds. But just like a dx at a more extreme point, you need to test a lot and keep notebooks of what you eat and whether or not it gives you a spike. Like BadMoon, I try never to go over 140.

All of us need to moderate our carb intake somewhat, but how much is up to each of us to figure out for our very individual bodies! I chose to go very low carb, but I am middle-aged with arthritis and fibromyalgia that both limit my ability to exercise those excess carbs away.

Yes--you need to factor your exercise into your daily log, too. Remember that for carbs that are not extreme, housework or walking your dog will work them off. If you are a marathon runner--well, monitor carefully!

Blessings, my sweet, and keep us posted!...Judith in Portland...

I am exactly at this point too. I was diagnosed about a month ago. Trying everything they told me to try with the diet. Exercising, but so far... I did not get improvement, but I am getting some insight... I guess it is just as valuable.

Unfortunately, I think I caught it too late. My A1C is 7.1. I do not have meds yet, but I will have them by the end of summer I think. It is so good to have a place to talk about it..

What is on your menu and when do you test? Read this to see why I ask: Test, Review, Adjust