Dear Lord... grant me the strength


To get through the next three months! Well this is my first blog, so I’ll give you a little background.
My husband and I were married almost exactly 3 years ago in Indianapolis, IN (this is where we are both from). At that time we were living in Charlottesville, VA while he was finishing his residency. Last June we took a job in Richmond, VA and had been here about 7 months when our son Will was diagnosed with diabetes (he was 15 months at the time). I’ll spare the diagnosis story as it is painful for me to recount and it’s pretty much the same as every other one that I have read. We got through the first few months with not too much difficulty. We are medical people so the whole shots, insulin thing was pretty easy for us to get used to. Although doing it to and for your child is a whole nother story, but anyway… I found out that I am pregnant with our second child in May (due in February), and this is really where this tale begins. After we found out about the pregnancy, we started to process of relocating back to Indianapolis. It just so happened that my husband got offered a job pretty quickly, now our house is on the market and we are moving in October. While I am very excited about this move, selling this house is probably going to be an issue (crappy market, losing money, etc…) not to mention keeping it clean to show with a toddler is not so easy. I guess it would be worth while if there was anyone actually coming to see it too! To add fuel to the fire (so now we have pregnancy, impending move, house on market) we started Will on the Omnipod pump last Monday and it has not been going well! I feel like we are starting all over from square one! There have been technical difficulties, strange sugars, insulin not working, and the list goes on. Not to mention trying to figure out basals and boluses and all that jazz. We are going to the beach tomorrow for a week, and we are going back to shots for that time. I want to relax on vacation you know?! It’s annoying because when it works, it’s great, but I feel like we’ve had every snafu you can possibly think of. I feel awful because when we got it I said “No more shots” to Will and he has been going around showing people the pods and saying “No mo shots!” When I have had to give him a shot after that, he looks at me like “What the hell, woman, you said no more shots!” He’s such a fabulous little boy, I just hate that he has to go through all of this crap!. Well, we are going to the neighbors to play… lets hope the heat doesn’t bottom him out! What a year I tell ya!


I really do know how you feel. Griffin was dx at 18 months and even with a medical background (biomedical research) I was completely overwhelmed. Please contact me if you have more questions about the pod. I hope my tips help, though I am a little concerned that your son might be a little too small, physically for the pod right now. Try to enjoy your vacation! Our first trip post D completely stressed me out!


Hello, My daughter Olivia is two years old and dx on 6/12/2007. We are still giving shots and probably won’t go to a pump until a few more years pass, but I was just on Kerri’s site - and she just went to a diabetes convention. She informed her readers about a iport. It sounds very interesting and it is like a step before a pump. I guess you give your injections through the port - the needle never touches the skin. Then childen (or even adults for that matter) can get used to wearing a port and changing sites (every 72 hours), etc before wearing a pump with the tubing,etc. I’m definitely going to check it out more! We are going to the beach too for a week (topsail island, NC)! Hope your vacation goes great!