Dear Sweetie, What is this?

OK Sweetness, you’re not supposed to do this. I wake up and toodle around the house for an hour… You give me a 228? for my bloodsugar number? That is not nice. Now, I’ve fed the kids, washed dishes, started schoolwork for the kids and sat down to test this number again.It’s been 2 1/2 hours, Sweetie. What’s up besides another bad number? 213? What are you doing to me? I really dont want to take an insulin shot. I’ll run out and then I won’t be able to buy anymore. You need to chill out and give me a better set of numbers to work with. What am I supposed to eat for breakfast? well… forget that; let’s just get lunch at noon. Maybe, just maybe you’ll decide to bring my number down low enough that I can eat lunch. If not, I’m not going to feed you!