Decadent weekend

… although perhaps not exactly in the way you might be thinking.

My girlfriend came round to cook supper for me on Friday night. She used something called a wok to make something called beef and broccoli (laughing). I tried to help, but mostly found myself following her around the kitchen NOT being useful. The food was good, and I had a tiny portion of white rice and just a few “crunchies” (oriental noodles, the ones that taste like crackers), and both my 1 and 2 hour tests were good. Had a couple of wine coolers, and my bedtime test was good, as well.

Yesterday we had breakfast at our 2nd favorite dirty little breakfast joint. I ate half of a ham and cheese omelette and 1 piece of wheat toast with jelly. I gave the other piece of toast to my daughter, who ate it without complaint, despite her concern earlier in the week about having to get used to new bread.

Then I delivered my daughter to grandma’s house, and was at the bar with my husband and my girlfriend by 10. That’s AM. That’s what I’m talking about when I say decadent. It feels very naughty to be drinking in a bar on a Saturday morning. Of course, I waited for my BG test results from breakfast before having vodka as a snack. I figured we’d dance and play some pool, then I’d sober up and go get my kid by, say, 6 PM, then go home and have a relaxing night.

Had some bar pizza, but only 2 slices. And, my post meal tests were not terrible, although I will admit that I wasn’t exactly spot on about the timing. My 1 hour might have been more like a 2 hour. Didn’t notice any huge BG changes related to consuming alcohol, but I did imbibe slowly (4 mixed drinks over the course of the whole day) and drank water in between.

Got in trouble today, though, with a gyro and home style french fries. Those damn fries are my weakness at the best of times, and after starving for ten days or whatever, they were definitely my kryptonite. I ate all of them. Greasy, salty, soft, fried potato goodness. And I also ate the pita bread wrapped around the yummy gyro meat and tsz-tsz sauce. Sigh. 1 hour post BG was 214. I walked the dog for 20 minutes. 2 hours post BG was 193. This is almost my worst test since dianosis. So I’m thinking next time I’ll order a gyro salad and a half order of fries.

This blog isn’t as interesting as I wanted it to be, so perhaps I will come back and edit it a bit later. Springing the clocks forward has the kiddo’s bedtime routine a bit messed up.

It is funny how different foods effect BG. I’ve found I can relax with certain foods - i.e. cheese, meat and crackers, pistachios, beef snacks, blueberries and strawberries. I made up a dried fruit and nut mix, and it seems like I even have to be careful with that. The dried fruit part does me in, maybe.

After the gyro and french fries I was super jonesing for a nap, so the 214 BG was no surprise. Extreme lethargy is what made me suspect the big D in the first place.

Had a bedtime snack/dinner of 4 pizza bagel bites (28 carbs) and didn’t stay up to do even the 1 hour. I’ll have to test that food again at another time.

it’s hard for me to give up the good bar food - especially if I’ve been drinking. sadly french fries give me big spikes as well. so I’m limited on my intake. wow haven’t been a bar at 10am since St. patty’s day 1993