Deciding between pumps

I am trying to decide on a new pump. I am on the Cosmo but it is time for a new one. I am looking at the Animas One touch ping and the omnipod.

Can I get opinions… maybe pros and cons?

Hi, Wendy. I live in Allen (minutes from you) and just switched in May from the Cozmo to the Omnipod. If you’d like to see the pod in action, I’d be happy to meet up with you some time and show you. I don’t have any cons about it really - loving it.

Hi Wendy! A great place to start is searching old discussions where you will find lots of info about members opinions on different pumps. Click here then search by the pump names. Also, you might check out the groups for Animas and OmniPod.

I haven’t used either pump-- so this is the most that I can help!

I think this is the two most chooses between. Same as I was also. I choose on the animas ping cause it was right for me. But please go through all info and make the best informed choice for you. I love the features of the remote and pump of the ping, plus as much insulin as I use I would not be able to use the pod because I would have to throw one away and change it everyday. The tiny tube on my ping never gets in my way and is waterproof and I swim with it all the time. That was a big factor and the warranty does cover it as long as your battery cap is not worn out. It comes with lots of software for your computer to download everything you need and it has a food database via the calorie king. It comes in different colors and has a remote so it is very descreet in public. So all in all I am very very satisfied with my pump.

One factor you may want to keep in mind is the Omnipod costs more long-term under most insurance plans.

I’ve had the ping for almost a year now and i love it. I was trying to choose between the ping or the mini med. I’m happy with the Ping but I wish i had taken into account the smaller resevior. I take about 26 units of humulog per day in just basal alone! How much insulin does the cozmo resevoir hold? If its the 300 unit ones you may have to adjust a little. Omnipod is giving a way sample pods (no insulin inside) to let you get a sense of what they feel like. I got one of those and attached it to my arm. it was light and not too big but literally 30 seconds after I put it on I ran up the stairs to show my sister and it rubbed against the wall of the stair case and fell off! LOL Needless to say, i didnt switch to the Pod.

Hi Wendy, I use the omnipod and was love at first sigh. For me, this pump is what I need for my life style and I have no regrets. Maybe you will need to use some skin adhesive with the pod, but other people with other pump brands have to do it too. Probably the best thing to do is check with your insurance first to see how much will be the cost of both of them. In my case was easy, my co-pay is the same no matter what pump I choose (omnipod or minimed). Other thing you can do is call Insulet (omnipod) and call Animas, give them your insurance information, they will do the rest, they will check with your insurance, and after that you can choose between both of them depending on your research and needs. Good luck!

Thanks everyone! This is really helping. I have read the groups, there is just so much to sort through!

This will be my 4th pump decision and it never gets easier! I appreciate the idea of checking with insurance!

Awesome! I am glad you like it. What was the biggest improvement? Im wearing the pretend pod right now and its not bothering me in my PJ’s… to be honest my biggest concern is vanity. Will it show in clothes? Its summer in Texas… you wear a lot of tanks and dresses… will I have a weird lump?

Just spoke to my dr today about possibly switching pumps and he recommended to stick with Mini-med or Animas because they have been around much longer and the technology is better for these pumps. When I asked about the Omnipod, he told me to stay away from that one and to stick with Mini or Animas. Currently, Animas and Mini are working on technology that will allow the pump to function like an external pancreas without much human intervention. Can’t wait for that!

IMHO - one word: Carelink.

The Animas has a cool factor with its colors and it’s on board carb library. And it might integrate with my Dexcom someday. But no Carelink.

I’ve never been attracted to the Omnipod (well, okay, I was briefly), but I don’t mind the tubing I have, I don’t like the idea of a lump on my body that I can’t move for three days, I have heard too many stories about them not sticking well. I like being able to move my pump around and out of the way when I need to. And no Carelink.

One thing the Animas and the Omnipod are both missing is a web-based platform for uploading data like Minimeds Carelink system. Even though it’s Windows based, I can upload my data from virtually anywhere and share it with my doctor in her office without printing a thing. In fact, I don’t even have to go to the office for her to look at my data, I just have to tell her it’s there. That’s why I’m staying with Minimed for now.


You should have him read this news report

Omnipod uses this web based data management system to get data from the PDM.

I wear it on the small of my back a lot. Even in a dress, it seems to blend into the curvature of my back. I haven’t tried it on my arm or leg yet, but people seem to like it there, too. In a tank, you could easily hide it on your back or your abdomen.

The biggest improvements, after wearing tubed pumps for 9 years and being totally fine with tubing up to that point, have been:

  1. Automated insertion. It’s really cool not to worry with priming and infusion sets and air bubbles in the line when you’re putting one on. You fill the syringe (that’s where you get the bubbles out), fill the pod, start the process, and slap it on. It’s that easy.
  2. No more tug. I can’t believe how much I don’t miss the tug of the tube if I pull down my pants or catch a doorknob.
  3. Painless. I really think the pod insertion hurts less than some infusion sets.
  4. Freedom of movement. I like being able to get in and out of the shower without worrying about disconnecting and walking through my room naked without that “you need to connect soon” feeling. laughs I like not worrying about where I’m going to clip or slip the pump. I can just toss the PDM in my purse along with my CGMS receiver and I’m good to go. Think about it. You’re concerned about how it will look, but imagine having a waist again without a pager attached to it! I love having a silhouette and a smooth look again.
  5. Fabulous customer service so far. They even replaced a pod when it was totally my user error that knocked it off. They upgraded me from the Cozmo without requiring me to trade in my pump and only charged $50. Then they sold me the new PDM for another $50. So I have THREE insulin pumps now - the new PDM, old PDM, and trusty old Cozmo. Animas is a wonderful company, but they would have required trade-in and given me a refurb pump for more money.
  6. Freestyle. If you were using the Cozmonitor before, you won’t have to change strips. The integrated meter is a nice feature on the PDM.

In transitioning from the Cozmo, here are the few things to watch for:

  1. It does calculate IOB differently than the Cozmo. I don’t remember the details, but it’s either your correction or your meal bolus that’s not considered in your next correction because it assumes that insulin is accounted for. The pod might suggest a larger amount for the correction, as a result. It takes some getting used to.
  2. If you accidentally rip off a pod (which hasn’t happened to me yet) or if you have an occlusion, you will have to throw out the insulin remaining in the pod. If it happens to you on the first day, you can probably get the insulin back out (most people do, though the company doesn’t recommend it of course), but you probably wouldn’t want to pull insulin out of a pod that had been on your body for a few days.

I’m a big fan of Animas, too - don’t get me wrong. I was just so curious and kind of crushing on the idea of the pod for a long time. I used Animas insets with the Cozmo for most of my time on it and LOVED their infusion sets above all other tubed sets I’ve ever tried. They make a good product.

My endo is a huge proponent of Omnipod, as are several of the CDEs in my office. Every medical professional will have their allegiances and their good and bad experiences with a system or a company. And the JDRF uses Omnipod in some of their artificial pancreas projects, too, so don’t completely write it off. BUT, in the end, it completely makes sense to go with a system that your doctor supports.

Carelink is a great program. But so is CoPilot. I prefer CoPilot’s interface and graphs, but I agree that the web-based interface is a treasure. It’s one of the only things I miss about my MM.

I have a paradigm link through Mini Med. I really like it. It is my understanding that they are working on making the Real Time Glucose monitoring system which goes with it, to go into one site. It is currently two. If you are a swimmer, you may want to consider the Animas. It is waterproof from my understanding. The paradigm is only water resistant.

Pro’s of the Paradigm.

  1. It calculates your insulin needs with a bolus wizard
  2. You can get the real time blood glucose monitoring system
  3. It is easy to read
  4. There is a 24 hour help line. If you are new…you will need this.
    5, If anything goes wrong, they will sendn you a new one ASAP.


It is a little heavy.

Actually, those pros apply to each pump currently on the market, with the exception of #2. All the pumps have good customer service, 24 hour help lines, replacements under warranty, and bolus wizards. And I have found them all easy to read, especially since they have backlights and some pumps have color screens.

I’ve never used the web feature of CoPilot. I guess I need to get on the ball! I’ve been using CoPilot for a year now.

Perfect! You really addressed my concerns!

I have used a minimed, animas, and cosmo. There truly isnt anything new on the market besides the omnipod. All these benefits have been around a while, just fine tuned like wireless from pump to meter.

I totally understand the stashing issues which is why i was looking at the pod. When I saw the size of the animas, after hearing how small it is, was disappointed! Its wider than my cosmo!

However, as you know the cosmo is going out of business. So i fear a company like the pod makers… thats all they do is pumps. Animas is owned my Johnson and Johnson AND has partnered with one touch. Flip side… pods use freestyle (and I have a TON of strips… so that is nice) and Freestyle is owned by Abbot labs. (yikes that was a lot of info! My family is long time friends with the creator and original owner of Animas).

I totally dont mind tubing… I have used it sine 1998! (plus how cool is it that the tubing for animas now comes in colors!)

I really appreciate your comments and the TIME you took! I would love to see your pod in action. I have not been bothered by the pretend pod just yet…