Decision time?

still using my freestyle navigator. barely. getting 12-20 days on a sensor, i have 4 left and i’ve been paying out of pocket and paying off a few hundred dollars left on a bill the insurance said they’d pay and then refused.
the receiver is cracked and held together with medical tape
and the transmitter battery covered is fractured all kinds of ways and i fear for it every time i have to change the battery.
my insurance may or may not cover the dexcom seven system, but my pharmacy plan will only just now cover the sensors.

either way, to start using the dexcom or to order more navigator sensors, i’d probably need to make an appointment with a new endo, as mine is just about to close his practice and is overwhelmed with people trying to get last minute appointments and providing medical records. i just had an appointment in april and wasn’t scheduled to go back until october. [my navigator sensor prescription expired this month]

for dexcom, i know i’d have to find an alternative painkiller to children’s acetominophen [gastroparesis = i can’t take pills, allergic to aspirin so i can’t take bc powders] but that’s not too hard to resolve.

my primary insurer would probably cover the receiver and transmitter, since they covered the navigator back in 2008. if not, abbot has previously offered to buy back my navigator. i was just holding out until it quit working entirely.

i don’t like the information i’m reading on the dexcom. i’ve been proven to have a drop of 87 points in 9 minutes. and that was fingerstick values, not CGMS, so it wasn’t a sensor error.
i like being able to be at the other end of the hallway from my receiver instead of within 5 feet of it.
i don’t like having to remember to take the receiver off the charger after 3 hours - i have a ridiculously bad short term memory.
what happens when the battery stops holding a charge? the website doesn’t say
it’s barely water resistant. i got the navigator for snorkeling. i’ve got a drybag for the receiver. the dexcom can’t go below 3 feet.
apparently sometimes the sensors fracture… um… i run into walls on a regular basis. the navigator sensors are plastic and i don’t have to worry about ‘seeking medical attention’ because i have bits of metal stuck under my skin.

the dexcom needs to be worn on the belly? i like wearing my navigator on my arm because i kept knocking it off when it was on my belly.

it only measures down to 40. i go below 40 probably at least once a month. the navigator measures to 19. not that i do it intentionally of course.

this worries me. but since abbott can’t get the navigator back in the US i may not have a choice.