Defective pods

I began using the pods when they first came out and went through the typical issues wen a pod alarmed.
When the smaller ones came out, I was also fearful of more alarms after reading how many of the users suffered with those issues. I was fortunate, until now, not to have suffered a string of alarms. Suddenly, in the past 2 weeks, I have had 5 fail from one box and still have 3 left.
I tried a new shipment and the first pod alarmed during priming.
Different times- middle of night, etc- bolusing or not- does not matter. Have any of you suffered more tan normal alarms? it is getting frustrating and the only fortunate thing is I have been home when alarm sounded-

well, for me, when I was on the old pods, every few maybe 2-3 months I would get like 5 in a row all failed. Usually it would be a bad box. then I would have a few months of all good pods, then I'd get a box of failures. however on the new pods I've only had a pod failure once or twice, 3 times max.