Defining Yourself

My brain is ready to
explode after too long of drawing a complete blank. Years ago my son and I were
asked to participate in a report on diabetes care here in Canada. It was
called “The
Serious Face of Diabetes in Canada
” and was prepared by the Canadian Diabetes Association. At that time
we had a photographer come out and she took pictures in the summer. We took
pictures everywhere but there were no smiles allowed. This was serious
business. Some of the pictures turned out great and they took the one they
liked along with our story to use in the report.

Fast forward to this summer and they called to ask to
do a follow up. I was in the middle of moving but felt it was important for us
to be a part of this so I said yes, we would be involved again. The follow up
story was done. It wasn’t perfect but I was too stressed with other things to be
picky (I am sure the author was very grateful for that!). Because of their
scheduling, pictures were not arranged until a few weeks ago. At that point I
was sent a release form and asked to come up with a photo that defined my
child. It could be him in sports, with his pump, in his favorite
shirt–anything that defined him…

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